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Hi - Return to Practice

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JRB123, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. JRB123

    JRB123 Active Member

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    Hi there, I trained as a Podiatrist in the UK between 1998 -2001 then practiced for a little while in Australia. Since then I have been busy raising a family. After an 8 year break and now back in the UK I am looking to return to practice and am just in the process of trying to arrange this for 2012. I am hoping to firstly become a foot health practitioner to develop confidence again and then to go on a complete 60 study days/ supervised in order to register with the HPC again. The sort of work I am ultimately looking for is something that will fit in with family life so domicilliary work would be of interest to me. I am wondering if there is anyone else who has completed their return to practice? Look forward to getting involved again. Julie
  2. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    Hello JRB123,
    Pesonally, I wouldn't waste your money training to be an FHP. You probably have more skills and knowledge after an 8 years break, that any FHP will ever have. If you have several thousand pounds to spare I would suggest you spend it on relevent practical courses and shadowing other professionals.

    The maximum clinical experience you would get with any FHP course is about 11 days, and then you will not be treating anythng more than very basic conditions.

    Why not apply for a podiatry-related position to help you back into the profession?



    The HPC will be able to give you all the information you need to return to practice.



    Last edited: Nov 22, 2011
  3. Greg Quinn

    Greg Quinn Active Member

    Hi JRB123,
    If you are a member of SCP there is an established network of Return to Work mentors. Suggest you contact the HQ and seek advice for their support if appropriate.
    Good luck and welcome back to practice.
  4. JRB123

    JRB123 Active Member

    Thanks for the replies, really helpful. I have looked at HPC and need to do 60 days of informal/ formal study and/or supervised practice. Been in touch with SCP and keen to join as an associate member and they have a list of mentor podiatrists which would help and I would also be insured for supervised practice. However I'm not sure if their membership person is on holiday but I'm not having any luck in getting the membership form!! I feel so nervous about it after a long break. I've just ordered the book 'Feel the fear and do it anyway'!! The last 8 years have mostly been all about family life! I know it is definately what I want to do again and it's my plan for 2012 to get it sorted! I don't mind doing the basic stuff to start with and then build on that as I regain more confidence and knowledge.
  5. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    Hello JRB123,
    If you have got your Pod degree than you will have done a lot more than "basic stuff" and I don't believe you will have forgotten all of it.

    So bite the bullet and go for it !

    Good Luck

  6. Ollie

    Ollie Member

    Hi JRB123,

    I did my return to practice in 2008 at The University of Huddersfield and I have not looked back since. I originally qualified from the University in 1996 and worked in the NHS for while before my career took a different path. In 2007 I decided I wanted to go back to my original career and to set up in Private Practice. I contacted the Head of Podiatry at Huddersfield who was very helpful and positive and entered my onto a return to practice programme. The 60 days clinical practice was invaluable, well organised, in an environment where best practice and experiences could be shared and all aspects of Podiatry covered including a day in Podiatric Surgery and with a Diabetic Multidisciplinary team in addition to the various clinical sessions within the University. I was also given full access to the library services and Intranet to aid my private study. It was good to go back, see familiar faces, meet new people whilst refreshing and updating my knowledge and practical skills. It really is surprising how much you remember, you never really forget.

    My advice would be to contact your local School of Podiatry to see if they can facilitate your return to practice. You have the knowledge and skills already and once started on the programme it will be like you were never away.

    Good Luck and enjoy.
  7. JRB123

    JRB123 Active Member

    Thanks, that's interesting advice. That sounds a brilliant course. I've been making some progress and now found some CPD courses and a local podiatrist to visit which is great. People have been really helpful.I am in Suffolk and have been in contact with Uni of East London who sadly aren't offering a course. I trained at Brighton so may be worth contacting them, although would be hard to leave the family for 60 days. I will contact other Unis to see if they offer this. Was it expensive to do? It would be great to have 60 days of supervised clinical practice though. I have been doing some private study and like you mentioned, alot of it is coming back to me now and I also feel a real sense of enthusiasm about it too. Good to hear that things worked out well for you.

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