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Holiday relief from private practice

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by podtiger, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. podtiger

    podtiger Active Member

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    Hi all.

    Just wondering how people leave their practice while they are away on leave.

    My practice is a 1 podiatrist practice with no reception. I intend to go on much needed leave just after christmas for 3 weeks and was wondering, apart form aquiring a locum, what other podiatrists would do in terms of the phone , making appointments , etcetera. I am a podiatrist in the east of melbourne if that helps.



  2. pgcarter

    pgcarter Well-Known Member

    I have some one who answers the message machine and makes appts while I'm away. You can buy short term phone answering service from office support companies, they could run a diary for you while you are away......or just do nothing?? your patients will know because you can tell them in advance, and new people will just have to cope with whatever you decide. Not perfect, but then being a single practitioner has it's good and bad sides.
    regards Phill
  3. podtiger

    podtiger Active Member

    Thanks for that.
    You're right if I inform my existing patients well that should help.
    I will look into the phone answering service too.


  4. williac

    williac Active Member


    You can redirect your clinic phone to a mobile easily before you go. I have a friend (home mum) who answers my redirected calls, takes appts etc.....costs me a nice bottle of red and a bunch a flowers (she is a good friend!).

    Chris Williams
  5. Hi Brendan,

    What might save you some money is to have telephone time. Ie Transfer your work number to your mobile. Leave a message which says that you on holiday for 3 weeks back on the... but will be available from ie 10.00 till 11.00 monday to friday for any questions or problems. At this time you will be able to give help to any old patinets that are having problems so they feel like they are not left alone, you can book in new patients as you see fit with out having find new patients getting 15 min appointment when you get back and this also sets some boundries for the holiday for you and or the family. If you are like me you may find is hard to lock the door and stop the mind working. So by having the 1 hour a day the fam and your mind will realise that this is work time but the rest of the time is holiday , might let you relax 23 hours not find yourself thinking about work when you should be having fun......

    I would also recommend that you have the phone off for the 23 hours and get friends to ring another number helps to set boundries.

    have a nice summer holiday ( be middle of winter with snow minus 10-15 where I am when your in the middle of yours, thought that might help you to enjoy it more)

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