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How much podiatrist make in private clinic in Australia?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by sid1ani, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. sid1ani

    sid1ani Member

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    Hi, I'm new podiatry arena. Just out of interest, would like to know how much the podiatrist make average a year. I know it depends on the location and hours u willing to work etc., but on average how much it would be.. This is my first post so pls don't be hard on me.. Thanks in advance..
  2. Sonial

    Sonial Active Member

    I guess you mean as an employee? Annual salary about $65k. 38 hrs a week. 20 days annual leave. If you need more info then pm me.
  3. sid1ani

    sid1ani Member

    Thanks Sonial for the reply. I like to know if you run the business by yourself. Pls let me know if you have any idea. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sonial

    Sonial Active Member

    The figures quoted are for an employee. Re having a business you run yourself I couldn't possibly say as there are too many variables eg you could set up in an area where there are already lots of pods or you may be rubbish at running a business. Alternatively you could make loads of money as you have a business with no competition and lots of patients. For the right area and right business acumen then there are opportunities to make lots of money.
  5. sid1ani

    sid1ani Member

    Thanks for the reply Sonial. What would be the low level, medium level and high level will be. Rough figures.
  6. björn

    björn Active Member

    low level 30k, medium level 80k, high level 750k

    As sonial said, so many variables.
  7. sid1ani

    sid1ani Member

    750k is it general podiatrist or surgeon? Which area will be good and busy.
  8. björn

    björn Active Member

    750k could be a general pod. If he runs a successful clinic, or multiple clinics with lots of practitioners.
    The point I was making was that it can be whatever the work ethic/ goal is of the individual. There are plenty of people making lots of money, running multiple clinics, individual clinics, etc. They might specialise in specific areas too. There are people who enjoy working in the field, and find a balance.

    The areas that are good and busy are where lots of people are and no competition!
  9. sid1ani

    sid1ani Member

    Thanks Bjorn..
  10. trevor

    trevor Active Member

    You could get an idea yourself.
    What type of patients will you be seeing?
    What is the cost of a podiatry visit in the town you are going to set up in?
    How many patients will you be able see per day? If you are just starting you will be very slow.
    How many days are you going to work?
    This will tell you the maximum you can earn.

    However it will take you several years to get a full appointment book if you are starting a new practice.
    All you have to do now is work out your costs. ie rent, instruments and services like power gas, phone, internet, advertising etc.
    Anything left is what you will make.
    Good luck

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