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HPC registered Portugese podiatrist looking for work in London

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by anDRe, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

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    I am a Portuguese trained and HPC register podiatrist available for work full-time or part-time in London.
    My qualifications allows me to bring the following strengths:

    -Over four years experience as a Podiatrist mainly in the private sector in Portugal, including working at several clinics and at the Dermatology department of a private hospital in Oporto as part of a multidisciplinary team.
    - Extensive experience diagnosing a wide variety of patients with a diverse range of medical and podiatric conditions including high-risk patients, using appropriate diagnostic techniques, skills, equipments and implementing tailored treatment and specialised care plans using a variety of appropriate treatment regimes.
    - Knowledge of a wide range of podiatric surgical procedures and pre/intra/post op care.
    - Experience in delivering foot Health Promotion to de community and other healthcare professionals.
    - I am extremely organized, motivated and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    - I can work independently our as a team player and I am able to follow through the work load to ensure that the job gets done.

    Seeing that my professional and educational expectations are a bit limited in Portugal I feel that it is time for a new experience in my life since I am constantly committed to develop my own personal skills and knowledge base. That is why I would like to go to the UK to learn and share with other professionals different experiences and techniques in the area of Podiatric Medicine.
    I always had a fascination for the UK, so the idea of working and living there is a dream come true. Also I intend to keep up my professional development and it is in my plans to continue my training in the field of podiatric surgery in the UK .
    My professional interests include, Podiatric Surgery, Biomechanics & Muscular-skeletal Sports Injuries, High Risk Patient Management & wound care, and Podiatric Dermatology.
    I am a very friendly person and highly motivated and fluent in Portuguese,
    English and Spanish with excellent reading and writing skills.

    If anyone has any podiatrist positions available around London and Greater London I can provide additional information on my background and qualifications by sending my CV.

    Kind regards
  2. tundygap

    tundygap Member

    Hello Andre!! I am hoping that you have already found a job. I am also portuguese, however I have done my degree here in the UK. Good luck with your future career here in teh UK. Lets keep in touch. Abraco.
  3. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    I was glad to know that there are more Portuguese podiatrist working in the UK!
    Unfortunately I'm still looking for work, I would like to move to tthe Uk in January but my search for work continues.
    I'll send you a message with my personal contacts as I am very fond of keeping in touch with you!

  4. Career Cross Ltd

    Career Cross Ltd Active Member

    Hello Andre, we have some Podiatrist vacancies in London, can you please contact me on 0113 3458244 or email me at james@careercross.co.uk

  5. Julian Head

    Julian Head Active Member

  6. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    Hi Julian

    Thank you for your reply! I have already read on your website the job vacancy and I am very interested in applying for it! Could you give me your email address so I can send my CV and covering letter!

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration, I await anxiously for your response!

    Kind regards

  7. Julian Head

    Julian Head Active Member

    please follow the instructions on the website on how to apply as I do not accept email applications........
  8. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    Dear Dr. Julian

    I sent my application today by air mail! It should arrive during the next week!
    Thanks again for the opportunity and consideration! I`m hoping that you find me the ideal candidate for this vacancy.

    Kind regards
  9. Julian Head

    Julian Head Active Member

    Thank-you for letting me know, you won't hear from us for a while as the post is being advertised for a set period of 4 weeks but you will hear one way or the other shortly after that.

    Best of luck

    Julian Head
  10. Karey Fleming

    Karey Fleming Active Member

    I just found out that Portugal has a free trade agreement with CANADA and can start work here as soon as they cross the border. If a podiatrist from Portugal has been trained at Universidad Europea de Madrid Madrid, Spain or in the UK, we would like to speak with them immediately. Please share any ideas that may help me find such an English speaking person. Thank you!

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