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I'm looking for writer(s)

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Gene, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Gene

    Gene Welcome New Poster

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    I'm looking for truly knowledgeable and passionate writers who want earn some money writing informative, highly-engaging content on a weekly basis for a footwear & foot health website I help manage.

    We’d provide with a list of topics (such as what is plantar fasciitis, how to tell if you have flat feet, exercises for plantar fasciitis, best shoes for flat feet) and guidelines for the writer.

    No BS from either side. If you know what you’re talking about, we’ll agree on a topic, a rough length, delivery date and $ amount, you’ll get paid (well above market price, beforehand, via PayPal), write, deliver and move onto the next article on the list.

    We get high-quality content to help our readers and you’ll get money to spend on your passion by writing about it.
    If this sounds good to you, simply reply here or send me a pm
  2. DrGRucker

    DrGRucker Member

  3. DrGRucker

    DrGRucker Member

    I have a burning desire to assist, write, + 25 years, energetic and passionate about podiatry and related foot care concerns and issues.
    Dr. Gail Rucker
    340 626 1919
  4. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member

  5. footsteps2

    footsteps2 Active Member

    Hi Gene, Did you find a writer? If not I am also very interested in this position. I have been a Podiatrist for over 10 years and love to write..many friends say I should be a writer as I love to share my experiences. I keep up to date with all of the latest treatments and would like to think I can bring a little humour to the articles, as well as them being research based and engaging. Please message me if you would be interested in chatting further. Kind Regards. Liz. lizpod8967@tpg.com.au
  6. drcmclean

    drcmclean Member

    Greetings, Gene. After reading your posting, I felt I should respond. If you are still looking for an author on health topics, I would be interested in discussing further. As to experience, mine is extensive. I have had numerous articles published in local and national publications. One of my articles was picked up by a national news service, and appeared in newspapers across the country. I have a weekly column in a daily newspaper where I practice, and write on a variety of health topics, not just podiatric, including nutrition, general medicine, sports medicine, and others.

    Having been in practice for more than 25 years, I continue to keep abreast of new developments by subscribing to various medical journals. Once again, this is true for numerous different topics and various categories comprising modern medicine.

    Please do contact me should you have further questions. I would be happy to provide a few examples from the over two hundred articles I have penned.

    Dr. Conway McLean, DABFAS, FAPWHc

  7. Private message me I can help you :)
  8. Enrico

    Enrico Member

    I would love to see your website ...
  9. hello?


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