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Increased Dorsiflexion stiffness of the 1st - reference ?

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by mike weber, Jan 13, 2011.

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    A lot of us are using the term - Increased dorsiflexion stiffness of the 1st MTP joint to describe Functional Hallux Limitus.

    Has this term been used in publish research and if so anyone got the earliest reference or paper they can get me ? or is just a Podiatry Arena/Boot camp type of thing.

    Also anyone got a copy of this

    Laird PO: Functional hallux limitus. The Illinois Podiatrist. 9:4, 1972

    Please pretty please !!!
  2. I believe I may have coined the term increased 1st MTP joint stiffness here on Pod Arena but I know Craig also talked about it some. I don't think it has been published before. Here is Pat Laird's paper (not the best of copies). Pat was one of my professors during my Surgical Residency at the Veteran's Hospital in Palo Alto....very smart guy. He always had lots of good stories to tell about the early days of Root biomechanics at CCPM.

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  3. Kerrie

    Kerrie Active Member

    Just had a look through all the papers I accumulated and uni and can't find it. Looks like getting that one is gonna be like finding a needle in a hay stack, google etc turning up nothing! :(
  4. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    I'd be very surprised if it was a term taught at university. Wish that wasn't the case but suspect it is.

    Mike, I've never seen it in a published paper from memory. Pretty certain the only place I've read it is in Kevin's Precision Intricast Newsletters and here on the Arena.
  5. Mike:

    I believe this is the first posting where I used that term "1st MPJ stiffness" here on Podiatry Arena from August 12, 2007:


    However, I think that Craig and I had discussed this concept privately in regards to some research he was planning on doing at the time also. Maybe Craig can fill in the details for me.
  6. Thanks Kevin I read that today in my travels.

    If Craig does not have a reference then a 1st for PA. Not the 1st or last I think.
  7. james clough DPM

    james clough DPM Active Member

    The problem I find with the term functional hallux limitus is the hallux limitus part. Most asume this means there is some degree of arthritic change in the joint with this description. Stiffness of the first MTPJ is perhaps a more accurate description. Stiffness of the first ray is not accurate as the ray itself is usually hypermobile when the 1st MTPJ is stiff.
    Whatever terminlogy is used should be an accurate description of the condition and one which will not confuse this with hallux limitus. When I am discussing this condition with lay people I will often use the term stiffess of the big toe joint. This is something they can understand and does not have the implication of any arthritis in the joint.
    While stiffnes of the first MTPJ is appropriate for those trained in foot anatomy, this condition is so prevelant that most practitioners will be providing an explanation to their patients and customers.

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