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Is there a Wound Database anywhere??

Discussion in 'Diabetic Foot & Wound Management' started by Sammo, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Sammo

    Sammo Active Member

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    Hi All, got a question from a Student we have on placement with us at the moment..


    Hi guys,

    I am a fourth year student at La Trobe Univeristy and am looking at putting together an online wound database here in National University Hospital in Singapore. For my proposal i am looking at supportive evidence as to why a database is useful and what statistics is should be looking for. I know this is a large topic, but i have a list of categories so far, can you help me out firstly with where to search for appropriate articles (you you may be aware of specific ones!!!) and any indicators we should be documenting for wound care?

    Here are my indicators:Patient Demographics:
    Job Description:
    Nutrition: How am I going to assess this… find more research!!! Look at how dieticians assess nutrition levels, blood test also.
    Smoker/Drink alcohol:

    Medical Factors:
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Renal Failure

    Neurological Signs:
    Alcohol induced neuropathy
    Classification of foot: low risk vs high risk

    Vascular Status:
    Pedal pulses palpable
    Deep Vein issues
    Aterial issues
    Peripheral Vascular Disease

    Wound Location:

    Wound Type:

    Wound Base:

    Wound Edge:
    Punched Out

    Clinical Infection:
    Infection present: yes/no
    Culture taken: Swab/biopsy

    Infecting organism:
    Probe to bone: yes/no
    Odour: yes/no

    Exudate Level:

    Surrounding Skin:
    Healthy: Yes/No
    Erythema: Yes/No
    Oedematous: Yes/No. If yes how much…..
    Callus: Location of callus
    Eczema: Venous or dermatological
    Macerated: Wound edge only, or extending further
    Induration: Hardness of skin surrounding wound, sign further pressure damage may occur to the wound
    Colour: Base vs skin

    Treatment/healing progress:
    Removal of biofilm

    Wounds status: Healing, stasis, breaking down

    Primary Dressing
    Secondary Dressing

    Comments/correspondence area: Area in which podiatrists can communicate with other staff members in regards to treatment regime’s, treatment goals and further possible testing if required.

    Thank you,
    Dean Sargeant
  2. Laurie Foley

    Laurie Foley Member

    HI Dean,
    It certainly is a broad project and good luck with it. THe Chief Pdiatrist at Royal Perth Hospital, Joel Gurr may be able to help. Joel.Gurr@health.wa.gov.au
    Regards Laurie Foley
    Chief Podiatrist Fremantle Hospital
  3. rogrin

    rogrin Welcome New Poster

    Nottingham FUTU is a site that has a database program developed by William Jeffcoate and team. You are able to download what they use, free of charge.

    The site is: http://www.futu.co.uk/

    You need to click on the 'downloads' link on the left hand side of the screen, and it will go to the page with the foot database as well as instructions etc...

    Last edited by a moderator: May 7, 2009

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