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JUST joined Podiatry Arena

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by afootdoc, May 29, 2010.

  1. afootdoc

    afootdoc Welcome New Poster

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    Hi all....I'm Arthur Gudeon,DPM,DABPS,FACFAS,FASPS, and will introduce myself with a copy of the last (Personal) page of my CV. As an aside, this past Thursday, at the NYCPM graduation ceremony, I and a number of my remaining class of 1960 were honored on stage with our 50 year certificates, and had a super reunion day!


    Medical Issue
    During the eight month period after September 11, 2001, I was the official NY Podiatric Medical Association's Coordinator of Podiatry Volunteers at St. Paul's Chapel, WTC/Ground Zero. In that capacity, I treated foot and ankle trauma and conditions of the Firefighters, Police Officers, Recovery, Sanitation and other workers during the rescue and recovery period in six to eight hour sessions, two to three times weekly for the entire eight months ending in June 2002. I also coordinated and arranged for podiatrists throughout the country to put in similar sessions, so that the workers would have volunteer podiatrists available (essentially) 24/7. We were able to procure most of our necessary medications, equipment and supplies via donations from NYCPM and the Pharmaceutical, Podiatry Supply, shoe and sock companies.

    Although I have no regrets, and would do it again, unfortunately during that experience I inhaled many fumes and toxins, especially the first few months, which later began a cycle of serious chronic pulmonary, sinus and nasal illnesses. Until that time my health had been excellent, to the extent that there was literally never any office time missed due to illness. (As an aside, had the EPA been more honest with us, we would have worn special masks during our time volunteering at Ground Zero.) After years of trial and error treatments, I have the good fortune to have my condition well controlled through the Mt. Sinai Hospital’s WTC Health Effects Program, and I’m happily back to at least part-time practice, and regular tennis playing, among other things.


    Married to Susan since 1979, who is the Office Manager of a small NYC Law Firm (1957 marriage to Loretta ended in Divorce in 1977). We live in Rego Park, NY.


    1) Karla (b. 1961): Husband Kevin, grandkids Sam and Max. Karla is an accomplished world renowned artist and book illustrator (www.karlagudeon.com and www.gudeonfamillypress.com). They live in Smithtown, NY.

    2) Marilyn (b. 1963): Husband Craig, grandkids Jamie and Harrison. Marilyn is a special education teacher. They live in Berkeley Heights, NJ

    3) Adam (b. 1966): Wife Monica, grandkids Ezra and Iris. Adam is a graphic artist and book author and illustrator. They live in Great Barrington, MA

    4) Andrea (b. 1972 to Susan, adopted by Dr. Gudeon 1979) Single, no known children. Andrea is an Editor and Website Manager at AIS Publishing, Washington, DC, and is Event Co-Director of Hands on DC. She lives in Washington, DC

    We celebrate most holidays and family occasions with ex-wife Loretta and her husband Marvin (they also married in 1979) and their children and six grandkids, maintaining a very friendly relationship.

    I play tennis frequently, including the grandfather-grandson USTA National Doubles Tournament with Sam, and we are now a nationally ranked team! My family, friends and I also attend tennis tournaments nationwide (and recently in Australia), and many NY METS baseball games as part of a season ticket-holding group through Susan’s law firm.

    Susan and I love to travel and cruise (occasionally even together).
  2. Wow Arthur thats the most detailed intro Ive seen, :welcome: to Podiatry Arena congrates on the 50 years, you would have seen some changes in the Profession over the years.

    Hope you enjoy the Arena

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