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Keep the Legs You Stand On

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by marky520, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. marky520

    marky520 Welcome New Poster

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    Greetings to all.

    Patient edcuation and prevention are the keys to better quality of patient health and controlling the cost of health care. There is no greater need for both foot health education and information on how diabetes affects the foot than for the patients with diabetes that we serve.

    For the past 33 years I have practiced Podiatry, the first 22 years in private practice and the past 11 years in the Veterans Affairs Medical System. For the past decade I have Chaired the Preservation Amputation Care and Treatment Program. This Federally mandated program seeks to identify patients at risk for amputation and provide them with preventive and proactive care to prevent foot ulcers, infections and amputations. My research in this program over the past five years has resulted in a decrease in amputations by 40%, decrease of in-patient hospital bed days of 44 %, and similar decreases in pharmacy and labs costs. The average cost of diabetic care decreased 38% and the overall cost savings was just under $1.8 million. These results can be duplicated at most medical facilities when the proper programs are installed and supported by the hosptial administration.

    In an effort to further foot health awareness, education and communication for patients with diabetes and their caregivers, I have created an educational web site, www.amputationprevention.com.

    Additionally I have published the first book focused on foot health and amputation prevention for the diabetic patient, thier caregivers, providers and amdinistrators, titled, Keep the Legs You Stand On. This book looks at the multiple issues that converge to cause morbidity and mortality for the diabetic patient. The book has an international perspective as it looks at issues of the diabetic foot worldwide. Keep the Legs You Stand On is available at www.amazon.com. This book is an excellent resource for your patients and I encourage you to review it. Books are available in bulk if you care to re-sell them in your office as an educational resource for your patients.

    It is my hope that any foot care provider or allied medical provider who has been looking for the a qualtiy reference for issues concering diabetic foot health and prevention will take advantage of these resources.


    Chief, Podiatry Section
    Chairman, Preservation Amputation Care and Treatment Program
    Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Nashville, TN
    C0-Founder, Amputation Prevention Partners, LLC
  2. shelleybean

    shelleybean Member


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