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Lasercam Orthotics - revelation.

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Trent Baker, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member

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    It's been a while since I have posted anything on Pod Arena, so hi all. I was compelled to post about my recent experience with Lasercam Orthotics. I have noticed these guys have started advertising on here and I thought I'd share my very positive experience with this product.

    We have four practices in Sydney including a multidiscipline sports medicine, the other three being Podiatry practices. All devices are supplied by our own cad cam lab, which we have found an interesting process. We have always felt as though we make good orthoses, however knew there was something missing. We recently acquired a practice that uses Lasercam Orthotics, so we investigated the product further.

    We contacted Tony and Konrad down is Adelaide and arranged to go down for a course and see how this product works. What a revelation it was to use this design program and go through the course these guys provided to understand their design and production process. The other design software we have used, has always been a little restrictive, Lasercam gives us an entirely new level of design and control over the sort of orthoses we produce for our patients.

    I'd strongly advise anyone who has aspirations of milling their own devices to look into the Lasercam product. It's well worth your time.
  2. Dantastic

    Dantastic Active Member

    Hi Trent,

    I agree... we've been using Cad Cam from day one and Tony has always been really passionate about creating a program that gives back control to podiatrists.

    Although we have them mill our orthoses, you can mill your own using their software.

    Great outcomes, highly recommended
  3. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member

    Tony and Konrad were very generous with their time and knowledge. We're just waiting on one more element to be delivered and we'll be able to start milling their devices. While we were with them we prescribed, designed and milled our own orthotics and the comfort level is amazing. I can see these devices really making some in roads when it comes to our sports patients.
  4. Info_Pod

    Info_Pod Welcome New Poster

    Hi all, I'm a Melbourne Podiatrist and when we started with CAD CAM and Tony all of our lives became MUCH easier. We now use his software and EVA devices in 2 busy clinics with very happy clients.

    The EVA orthotics coming back from CAD CAM are years ahead of the other labs we used previously. They are truly a custom made fit for every client.

    A large degree of confidence for myself was returned to the profession surrounding orthotic therapy due particularly to this company, and Tonys' time.

    Would highly recommend getting in contact P: 08 7127 8471 - have a chat about what your number 1 issues are and start a conversation. That's free, but what comes after is where the doors opened up for our practices.

    Cheers :drinks
  5. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    We have been using LaserCam orthotics for 3-4 years now. Their level of service is second to none and the finished product is fantastic. Both Tony, Konrad and their staff are very experienced and highly trained. Highly recommended!
  6. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Sorry double post!
  7. mr t

    mr t Member

    Hi all

    I own a lab called Cad Cam Orthotics. and I would like to thank those that have posted something about my services. Very kind words.

    There is a switching of names here so I thought I would clear it up for those that are not totally aware of what we do. Cad Cam Orthotics is a lab in South Australia. It has always being a CNC lab making EVA pairs. Over a number of years it developed its own software to make the pairs better that were coming out of the lab. The software suite is Called Lasercam. Some people just use the software and make their own. Others are referring to the Lab. Of those there is a mixture where some use just our milling services and others get the complete pairs made.

    I hope this helps with the name switching.
  8. ErinaPod

    ErinaPod Welcome New Poster

    Just thought I would add to this thread as we have recently started using the Lasercam software to take over our EVA milling from our aging Amfit systems. Erina Podiatry been manufacturing our own devices for our busy clinic and few local podiatrists for over 30 years.

    The last 18 months have been very eye opening for me in terms of getting to know the products available on the market for custom orthotic manufacture. It is very hard initially to sift through all the marketing talk from sales rep's who don't really know or care about the industry. We began using a very expensive suite of software that after countless hours of prototypes and designing could not reproduce the devices we had been making for years with Amfit. It appears that I was swimming against the tide when asking for a truly Anatomical fit...

    Finally, I RE-discovered Tony's software. I hadn't realised how far he had gotten since I made a trip to Melbourne when still at university to check out a new laser scanner he was building.

    We found Tony's software to be the most anatomical and provide us the best result in terms of ease of use and end result for the patient. We instantly got a result that was very close to our old Amfit devices and now I am adding in extra design features that we have never had before.

    So if you are looking for a product which places the anatomy and alignment of the foot first instead of generic single click devices give LaserCam a try. You will also be supporting Australian invitation and manufacture.

    Angus Brewin - Erina Podiatry

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