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Meet the Masters

Discussion in 'Teaching and Learning' started by admin, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

  2. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    Tonight May 31st at 9pm (GMT+5)

    APMA's President Michael King, DPM will be my guest live.

    Please regester for Free at www.PodiatricSuccess.com

    All past interviews are available for downloading........ All for Free.
  3. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

  4. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    Tonight June 28, 2011

    Dr. John DiMaggio has successfully created a unique specialty within our profession, Forensic Podiatry, Dr. DiMaggio started his Podiatry practice in Tempe, Arizona in 1974, ten years later he followed his passion and entered the police academy and served as a reserve patrol officer for 15 years getting involved in CSI type of work. In May of 2005 he relocated to Oregon to co ntinue his work. He is a Member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the International Association for Identification. He has been invited to the FBI Academy for a roundtable discussion on footwear evidence. He has written many articles and recently co-authored the first text of its type titled, “Forensic Podiatry-Principles and Methods.” He founded the American Society of Forensic Podiatry in 2003.

    All the Masters are free at www.PodiatricSuccess.com
  5. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    Tomorrow one of the TOP Coding and Compliance Expert is our guest. Get your quesitons answered LIVE

    Anthony Poggio, DPM

    Live Tuesday July 5th at 9pm

    Dr. Poggio has been the recipient of numerous CPMA awards including: 2005 Podiatric Physician of the year The President’s Award, Volunteer of the Year in 1998, 1999 and 2000. In 2000 he also received the Association’s Distinguished Service Award. A certified medical examiner, Dr. Poggio has served as a consultant for a number of third-par ty payers and insurers. He has chaired CPMA’s Medicare Committee for a decade. He also serves as the Association’s Medicare CAC (Carrier Advisory Committee) Representative and Liaison to NHIC. A board certified foot surgeon specializing in foot and ankle injuries and disorders, Dr. Poggio practices in Alameda, California
    Dr. Poggio is a native of Oakland. After completing his undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Dr. Poggio earned his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree in 1984 from the California lCollege of Podiatric Medicine (CCPM) in San Francisco. He completed his residency at San Francisco’s Pacific Coast Hospital in 1986.

    Dr. Poggio has been instrumental in improving local policy language on foot and ankle issues. He is a noted speaker on both Medicare and compliance topics. He is in private practice and consults on compliance issues.

    All Previous Masters are available for FREE at www.PodiatricSuccess.com
  6. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    "It's the biggest story to happen in podiatry in 50 years,"

    -------- Barry Block, DPM

    I wanted to make sure you were “on top of” what could be the biggest story in our profession (see article below).

    If the effort is successful, the schools would be LCME-accredited, and one day California podiatrists could be licensed as physicians and surgeons - Diane Prezepiroski, Exec. Director of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education

    Please mark your calendar for Tuesday night and join; Barry Block, Jon Hultman, Glenn Gastwirth, Mike King, and Frank Kase live on Meet the Masters. During this hour we will hear all sides of this situation, and there will be plenty of time to hear your questions…… Do not miss this EPIC event. I only have 1,000 lines available, so please call in early.

    Register and participate for Free at www.PodiatricSuccess.com

    Continuing the mission of Podiatric Succes

    Fraternally yours,



    California physicians, podiatrists pursue collaboration on education

    They are forming a task force to evaluate podiatric education in the state, an effort that could see podiatrists licensed as physicians.
    By Carolyne Krupa, amednews staff. Posted June 27, 2011.

    In a rare collaboration, California podiatrists and physicians are sitting down together to evaluate podiatric training in the state. The goal: Make education offered at the state's two podiatric schools on par with medical schools.

    The California Podiatric Medical Assn., California Medical Assn. and California Orthopaedic Assn. are forming a task force to review curricula at the two schools and identify any deficiencies compared with medical education.

    The plan is to have the podiatric schools meet accreditation standards set by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education -- the same standards that medical schools must meet, said COA Executive Director Diane Przepiorski. If the effort is successful, the schools would be LCME-accredited, and one day California podiatrists could be licensed as physicians and surgeons.

    "It's the biggest story to happen in podiatry in 50 years," said Barry Block, DPM, editor of Podiatry Management, a national business and practice management magazine for the profession.

    The CMA is excited to be part of "this unprecedented partnership," said Dustin Corcoran, CEO of the medical association. "The licensure requirements of podiatrists have increased in California in recent years, and the time has come to evaluate their training programs in this context."

    Such partnerships are unusual in scope-of-practice debates, which historically pit physicians against nonphysicians in courtrooms and state legislatures around the country. The California collaboration is an important first step that should be a model for other states, said Glenn Gastwirth, DPM, executive director and CEO of the American Podiatric Medical Assn.

    "Our reaction is: It's about time," he said. "There is so much common ground, common interest and so many common concerns that we should be working together."

    As licensed physicians and surgeons, podiatrists would have unrestricted medical licenses and be able to practice nationwide within their education and training, like any other physician specialty, said CPMA Executive Director Jon Hultman, DPM. For now, podiatrists' scope of practice is limited by varying rules in different states.

    Outside the political arena, physicians and podiatrists routinely work together, said APMA President Michael King, DPM. Seventy percent of his referrals come from physicians. "We welcome the opportunity to have these discussions. We want people to look at us for our education, training and our credentials," he said.

    The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society issued a statement about the effort from its president, Keith L. Wapner, MD, saying, "The AOFAS supports any initiative that can improve patient safety and the quality of care for patients."

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons declined to comment for this article.

    Not always as congenial
    Podiatrists and physicians in California haven't always had such a congenial relationship. They have been on opposing sides more than once. "We continually fought legislative battles with podiatrists when they wanted to expand their scope of practice," Przepiorski said.

    Eight years ago, both sides were at odds after the CPMA backed a bill in the state Legislature asking that podiatrists be allowed to perform partial amputations of the foot. "We were in a bitter battle for about one year," Hultman said.

    But when the CPMA decided to back the bill a second time, podiatric leaders invited the state's physician organizations to see podiatric training for themselves. The groups came to a common understanding, and the legislation ultimately passed in 2004, Hultman said.

    "We decided that rather than doing this in a vacuum, we should be doing this in collaboration," he said.

    It's appropriate that changing podiatrists' licensure is an issue that should be handled within the medical community by academics instead of by politicians, Gastwirth said.

    "Rather than looking at anecdotal evidence and a lot of emotion, let's sit down and have an objective conversation," he said.

    A question of education
    A question for the task force is how closely podiatric education aligns with education offered at medical schools. Podiatrists say their training standards, which include four years of podiatric school and three years of clinical training, are close to those required of physicians.

    "We deserve to be under the same umbrella," Block said. "The biggest problem is the medical community is not familiar with how educated we are and how well-trained podiatrists are today."

    COA President Tye Ouzounian, MD, said the CPMA approached the COA six months ago about establishing the task force. The COA agreed to support the concept, but the outcome of the collaboration remains to be seen, he said.

    "It's important to emphasize that there are no assumptions about this process," Dr. Ouzounian said. "It's not a foregone conclusion that this is going to be an accomplishable task. My personal belief is that they have a long road to go before they get there."

    In a May 2009 position statement, the AOFAS said podiatrists provide a valuable service when they function within their education and training. To achieve parity in credentialing to other physician specialties, podiatric graduates should be required to pass the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination, podiatric residency programs should be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, and podiatric residents should take a certification exam prepared by an American Board of Medical Specialties member board, the AOFAS said.

    Block has advocated for 30 years that podiatry give up the doctor of podiatric medicine degree and transition to MD and DO degrees. "I believe it's inevitable that podiatrists will eventually be in the same tent as other allopathic specialties. We're currently discriminated against because of our degree," he said.

    Though there is agreement within the profession that podiatrists should be on par with physicians, Gastwirth said there is debate about whether that requires a degree change.

    "What we are looking for is to be recognized as physicians within the area of our education, training and experience," he said.

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    Copyright 2011 American Medical Association. All rights reserved.
  7. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    Tonight Live !!!

    Very Few DPM’s have truly changed the landscape of the practice of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Thomas Sgarlato is truly on this prestige list. The Surgical foundation of our profession is based in Biomechanics, and Dr. Sgarlato was involved in teaching this to the world. Please mark you calendar for this event.

    Its all Free at www.PodiatricSuccess.com
  8. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

  9. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Brett - CONGRATS on the 100th show!
  10. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    Samuel Mendicino, DPM Live tonight

    Major Position Currently Held:
    1. Director of Residency Training, West Houston Medical Center�s PM&S-36
    2. Chairman Department of Surgery, West Houston Medical Center
    3. Board of Directors, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
    4. Chairman, Examinations Committee, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
    5. Credentials Committee, American Board of Podiatric S urgery
    6. Residency Training Committee, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
    7. Annual Scientific Program Committee, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
    8. Faculty, Skills Committee, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
    9. Editorial Board, Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
    10. Clinical Skills Examination Committee, National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners

    Past Positions Held:
    1. Past President, Texas Podiatric Medical Association
    2. Chairman, Annual Scientific Program Committee, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
    3. Chairman, Surgical Skills Committee, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
    4. Examiner, American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Foot and RRA
    5. Division Chief, Division of Podiatric Medical and Surgical Service, The Western Pennsylvania Hospital
    6. Residency Training Committee, The Podiatry Hosp ital of Pittsburgh

    Notable Accomplishments and/or Awards:
    1. 2007 Distinguished Service Award, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
    2. 2005, Merit Award, Texas Podiatric Medical Association
    3. 2003, Harris County Podiatric Physician of the Year
    4. 2000, Special Appreciation Award, Texas Podiatric Medical Association

    100 + Masters Strong

  11. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    2011 was a GREAT year for Podiatry..... Do not miss the final group discussion on Meet the Masters with Drs. Weil, Armstrong and King to really get a great overview of what happened in 2011 and how to plan for 2012. This talk is one of the best.

    All are free (over 125 shows) at www.PodiatricSuccess.com

    Success Leaves Clues

    Bret Ribotsky
  12. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

  13. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    Tonight on Meet the Masters Dr. David Zuckerman David is a trailblazer among podiatry with often the 1st to embrace new technologies; Shockwave therapy, Pain Ma nagement, and use of lasers for onychomycosis just to name a few. He is the medical director of Excellence Shockwave Therapy and Clearly Beautiful Nails Mobile Laser. Dr. Zuckerman is a true entrepreneur. He has taught over 500 DPM and MD’s his techniques, and on Tuesday night, we will learn from this success story on how to move you practice and your wallet into the future

  14. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    "What HOT in Surgery 2012"

    I hope you are getting excited…. Tomorrow night, Drs. Weil, L aPorta and Didomenico will share their collective insight into where Foot and Ankle Surgery is today. Send in your questions early, or ask them live Tuesday night.

    This clearly could be the largest live audience for MTM, so I have arranged for an additional 500 lines to be available. That’s 1,500 DPM’s in one place at one time! Be part of Podiatric Surgical history live tomorrow night.

  15. G Flanagan

    G Flanagan Active Member

    Dr Ribotsky thank you for continuing to provide this fantastic resource for free. Its a valuable source of CME / CPD and interest.

    Thank you
  16. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    This past Tuesday Dr. Keith Kashuk

    40+ years in private practice with the ability to survive and succeed the many obstacles that confront all of us, was a big theme last night at Dr. Keith Kashuk shared the many pearls of his success. His passion for educatio n and training was something that his residency director (Earl Kaplan) instilled into his DNA and more then 100 residents and a thousand students later, have all been influenced as a result. I am sure you will enjoy this great hour with a true master, Dr. Keith Kashuk if you missed it live.

    The entire library of over 149 shows are available 24/7/365 all for FREE at www.PodiatricSuccess.com The “Keys to the Kingdom” are available for you without cost.
  17. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    Limb Salvage, Wound care and Research expert, Dr. Peter Blume will be our guest on Tuesday night. This will be a great opportunity to learn from a true leader in Podiatric Research and a member of the Faculty of Yale University.

    Check out our NEW front page with instant links to speakers...http://www.podiatricsuccess.com
  18. Ribotsky

    Ribotsky Active Member

    Podiatry on the World Stage -

    Ask all your questions live tonight

    Drs Caporusso and Chelin

    Live Tonight

    Federation Internationale des Podologues (International Federation of Podiatrists) is the organization that is focused on global leadership and the development of podiatric medicine around the world. Founded in 1947 today it represents 30 countries over six continents. Please join me as we learn from the current president, Joseph Caporusso, DPM and a past president Robert Chelin, DPM (both previous guest on MTM’s) as we talk about podiatry on a global field and get a few sneak peeks into the World Congress in Rome in October.

    Only 1,000 lines available

    3:00 PM - HI

    5:00 PM - Alaska
    6:00 PM - Pacific
    7:00 PM - Mountain
    8:00 PM - Central
    9:00 PM - Eastern
    Australia 11AM Brisbane/Sydney/Mel bourne
    9AM Perth

    The World is open for Meet the Masters !!!
    Call in LIVE on the numbers below or use Skype
    Country Conference Number
    Australia* +61 1300 781 250
    Austria +43 (0) 1 265 05 60
    Canada*** +1 559 546 1333
    Czech Republic +420 225 989 115
    France +33 (0) 1 8014 0690
    GCC/Arabian Gulf**** +973 1656 8340
    Germany +49 (0) 355 475 4400
    Israel +972 76 599 0100
    Japan +81 3 5050 5070
    Korea +82 (0) 70 7917 6540
    Mexico +52 899 274 8001
    Netherlands +31 (0) 20 322 3020
    Nigeria +234 1 667 0007
    Portugal +351 21005 1184
    Romania +40 317 807 040
    South Africa +27 87 825 0140
    Spain +34 91 119 6730
    Switzerland +41 (0) 44 595 9050
    United Kingdom** +44 (0) 784 843 2915


    The World is open for Meet the Masters !!!

    The entire library of over 218+ shows are available 24/7/365 all for FREE at www.PodiatricSuccess.com The “Keys to the Kingdom” are available for you without cost.

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