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Mi Adidas

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Jodz12, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Jodz12

    Jodz12 Welcome New Poster

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    I would like to hear from anyone who has used the mi Adidas custom made shoes service. I am considering having a pair of football boots custom made in the hope that it may assist arch, knee and shin pain that I sometimes get.

    I would particularly like to hear about any issues that people have had.

  2. CraigT

    CraigT Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen the Mi Adidas boots yet, but have seen the running shoes.
    The boots may help all of your listed ailments, but it is unlikely to be because they are custom made. The difference betwenn a good supportive boot compared to a poor quality one can be dramatic is the sort of aches and pains you may get.
    The advantage of Mi-Adidas is all to do with fit. If you have a wide or narrow foot, or 2 feet sigificantly different, then you are more likely to get a good fitting shoe.
    If all of your above problems are due to boots that don't fit because of unusual feet, then you may get some relief.
    From the limited information at hand, I would suggest that there is more to your problems than boots that don't fit- more likely poor boots to start with, or biomechanical issues.
    Hope this helps
  3. Dantastic

    Dantastic Active Member

    Hi Jodi,

    I've had a great experience with Mi Adidas! I proposed to my wife by having "will you marry me" stitched into a pair. It made for a memorable moment. :cool:

    I did have to get 2 pairs made though, so she could wear one, and keep a good pair in the "memories" cupboard!

    The problem was that she did get shin pain with these shoes :mad: , and after 6 months she changed back to a different brand and the pain resolved.

    I haven't heard of the custom boots either. At the moment the adidas rep only comes to Adelaide for Mi Adidas fitting once every couple of months. I don't know if there is much of a public awareness/demand over here yet.

    The sneakers are basically an Adidas Supernova 'Cushion' or 'Control' (according to whether there is a large degree of pronation or not), with the possibility of having one foot bigger than the other and a choice of colours.
  4. Paulo Silva

    Paulo Silva Active Member

    The "Mi Adidas" it's not a custom made service
    its more a "custom-fit" service. (the actual shoe sizing an last)

    You can see following this link


    You can select your size, and some boot features like the insoles (cushion or performance) and outsole (Hard/Soft ground), and finally the colors and embroided.

    As Caig said this can help but it's unlikely to solve the problem, you should analyze your mechanics.
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