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Mizuno Introduces 'Gender Engineering Technology'

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by KBruce, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. KBruce

    KBruce Member

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    Came across this and was intrigued at first and then I read the paragraphs about men and women and why they need differing running trainer materials.
    I have not come aacross a body of evidence that states women 'pronate more when their feet land', I have heard it discussed but I didnt think there was enough proof to base a running shoe around.
    Just thought it was interesting, have a read:

    Mizuno Introduces 'Gender Engineering Technology'SportsOneSource Media Posted: 1/20/2009
    Mizuno has introduced Gender Engineering, a running technology designed todeliver a "perfectly tailored and individually engineered shoe for both menand women," resulting in optimal fit, feel, and performance.

    We have learned through extensive research that there are fundamentaldifferences between the running styles of men and women,² said Rod Foley,director of marketing running footwear, Mizuno USA. ³Gender Engineeringadjusts to those issues by creating shoes that more closely fit thedifferent running styles of the male and female runner, in return maximizingperformance.²

    Mizuno noted that since men are generally heavier than women, their runningshoes must be able to absorb greater impact. Running shoe soles withinadequate width can lead to a feeling of insecurity. Therefore, Mizuno hasintroduced a wider, slightly flared sole, increasing the landing area in therunning shoes specifically designed for men. The result is a more stableand secure run.
    Women have a wilder pelvis than men, which causes them to pronate more whentheir feet land. Additionally, less muscle mass and softer connectivetissue in women increase the speed at which the ankle rolls inward. Bymaking the soles more flexible with more pronounced flex grooves, and theoutside heel more rounded, a softer landing will occur, slowing the inwardroll of the ankle, producing a more desired result for the female runner.
    Designed in Mizuno¹s Sozo Studio, Gender Engineering is the next generationof design technology to maximize fit and performance in athletic footwear.Gender Engineering is currently available in four models of Mizuno runningshoes: the Wave Nirvana 5, Wave Inspire 5, Wave Creation 10, and the WaveRider 12.
  2. Frederick George

    Frederick George Active Member

    You know, I had suspected as much. But it's good to have it confirmed.


  3. David Smith

    David Smith Well-Known Member

    What does that statement mean? Nothing its just eye wash. Even allowing for huge amounts of latitude and poetic licence what if a fat man runs very slowly with short strides and a fit lighter woman runs fast with long strides. The GRF might be greater for the female.

    So, all men are heavier than women, all female runners pronate more than male runners, there not even an overlap, and of course everybody pronates during stance phase. All women have less muscle mass than all men. WOW! I wish I had done all this useful research.:bang:

    A flared sole!! how new is that? about as new as zip fasteners.

    Apparently -
    - But women on the other hand don't have this feeling of insecurity and so have a rounded heel to stabilise the foot??? presumably because they have wilder (sic) pelvises (or should that be pelvii)

    Men eh! we thought we were insecure about our penis length but all along it was the width of our soles DOH!

    Biomechanical engineering is dead long live Gender Engineering - sic transit gloria mundi (thus passes the glory of the world):boohoo:

    Luv Dave
  4. Steve The Footman

    Steve The Footman Active Member

    This Study from the Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary also found differences between the Genders. However it is not as clear cut as the Mizuno press release suggests. I have included the Introduction and results only.

    As with all research it tries to make a generalisation on the average population which is not relevant for each specific person. The most important factor when selecting footwear is to look at the specific individual needs of each runner and how the theoretical best shoe works in practice in comparison to other shoes.

  5. KBruce

    KBruce Member

    The research contradicts mizunos assumptions that men need greater cushioning compared to women.
    Mizuno seem to have just made a whole load of assumptions to sell trainers.
    I can see why women need a set of data to base their running shoe design on but as we are all individuls the trainer still might turn out not being the right one for a given individual.
    Whats the answer, custom made runners for all!

  6. David Smith

    David Smith Well-Known Member

    Here is a paradox, because manufactures make claims that they can produce "perfectly tailored and individually engineered shoe for both men and women" or whatever parameter they may deem to be important. Then this means there are a huge range of types and styles of trainers with varying mechanical properties and so this gives the consumer, male and female a great choice to find one that suits them best. This choice may not be with the limits of the criteria laid down by the manufacturer but actually might enable the consumer to have a reasonably 'tailored' training shoe.


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