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Mosaic plantar verrucae treatments?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Martin Langdon, Oct 23, 2005.


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    Hi all

    Anyone undertaking research about this strain of HPV will have found, as I have, that there is very little current or recent studies into the mosaic plantar wart and in particularly the various treatments used. A trawl on the net has so far thrown up just one research report by Soroko et al from 2002. Do you know of any others?

  2. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    Why do you need research on HPV. Just treat the mosaic with laser. Steve Bowskill in Charlestown South of Newcastle Australia has had excellent results.
    I have removed some 15,000 HPV in the past 15 years. Over 98% success rate.

    Donald Scott
  3. Sounds impressive Don but do you know of any articles/papers that back up the treatments you mention. I’m researching the subject only and need hard facts.

  4. GarethNZ

    GarethNZ Active Member


    Could you detail anymore of the reference from 2002 that you mention earlier?
  5. Gareth

    Soroko Y T , Repking M C, Clemment JA, Mitchell PL, and Berg RL 2002 Treatment of Plantar Verrucae Using 2% Sodium Salicylate Iontophoresis Physical Therapy Volume 82 · Number 12 · December 2002

  6. André Azevedo

    André Azevedo Welcome New Poster

    I normaly use nitric acid at 60% and the results are very good. by the way with your treatements how much time do you take to eliminate them? (Portugal)
  7. Andre

    I'm researching not treating.

  8. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    I went onto Google.com there were 702 hits on plantar mosaic warts but scanned throught the first couple of pages and found nothing that would probably be of help.
    You could try the Society of Chiropody Journals, Australian Podiatry Journals but from year and years ago. Every year a college student produces a paper on warts
    There is a Podiatrist in the UK doing extensive research I met him in Christchurch, Mr Michael Potter, Southhampton University.

  9. Hi Don

    Thanks for the Michael Potter tip. Google and Google Scholar have been useful to a point as has PubMed. The AJPM and BJP jointly published a study in May this year by Penny and Newcombe (Victoria, Australia!) and this looks a reliable piece of work for general verrucae pedis but not mosaics. I'll keep looking.

  10. Robyn Elwell-Sutton

    Robyn Elwell-Sutton Active Member

    Mosaic warts


    I have seen good results with Tagamet prescribed for hospital acquired warts . Prescribed in 3x normal dose.
  11. whamilton3330

    whamilton3330 Welcome New Poster

    Hi All.
    I have used 60% sal acid, and a saturated solution of monochloroacetic acid, with resounding success; But it is a really painful therapy, and so, I now use glacial acetic in combo with 60% sal acid. Not as dramatic, but less painfull, and it works. use also 90% AgNo3 rubbed into small verruca, and occluded with fleecy web for one week also really effective.
    Bill Hamilton. U.K.
  12. Hazemart

    Hazemart Welcome New Poster

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a patient who has a lesion of approx 5cms in width mosaic verrucae. She has had them for three years. The area has grown recently as she has been self treating with wartner. Would removing as much as possible by filing and then applying Occusal be the way...perhaps combined with silver nitrate 95% caustic pencil occluded with fleecy web for one week. I am a FHP and needling is not an option for me. Your advice would be much appreciated.:empathy:
  13. One good option might be to refer the patient to a clinician that can do needling for the patient.
  14. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    Would it be possible to put a couple of close up photo's on this thread.
    The reason is to see if there is any separation in the cluster or if the virus is occupying the entire 5cm area.
    What is the depth of the virus?

    To Kevin,
    What is the success rate of needling at the present time?

    Don Scott
    Now living in Grafton, NSW
    Working in Wollongong and western NSW
  15. Don:

    I would estimate that my success rate is approximately 80% over the past 20 years of doing the needling procedure. The most dramatic responses often come with mosaic verrucae where the area of needling can be quite small while the area of verrucae that heals can be quite large in comparison.
  16. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    Thank you for the reply. With the 20% first time non response, have you had success in in re-needling or is it not recommended?

    I have been using the same method myself for 20 years on Mosaic warts and have noticed that the wart has the ability track below the surface and spread, thus complicating the vascular supply to the skin and depleting the ability of the chemical treatment

    Don Scott
  17. gaynor wooldridge

    gaynor wooldridge Welcome New Poster

    I wonder if I could pick the brains of all you pods who successfully dry needle verrucae. I have treated quite a number of single and mosaic lesions with needling over the past few months, unfortunately not with great results. Out of ten patients, only one has resolved.

    The reason for my need for help through the forum is that one patient with a long standing mosaic lesion has experienced a spreading of the inital lesion and is now in considerable pain with it three months following the treatment. I have advised that it may be worth a referral to a dermatologist and will write to his GP.

    I'm not sure if the problem is mine. I have followed the guidelines that Craig set out for all of the patients I have treated. I have gone from very keen to utilise the treatment in my practice for VPs, to now being concerned about the outcome.

    Any thoughts or advice would be gratefully received!
  18. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    What are the guideline that Craig recommends?

  19. gaynor wooldridge

    gaynor wooldridge Welcome New Poster

    Hi Don,

    Apologies (to Kevin and Craig too)! It was Kevin's needling guidelines in earlier links, of course. I would like to also add that initially I became interested in the needling of VPs during medical acupunture training six years ago, so it isn't something completely new. I hadn't really used it very much over the last couple of years as acupunture needles aren't the best to use on thick tissue. The debates on the forum had re-sparked my interest.

    Anyway, apologies again Don. VPs I think may remain untreated in my practice unfortunately.

  20. Gaynor:

    I have never seen a spreading of these lesions from a needling procedure. If you are getting only 10% resolution, then my guess is that you aren't going deep enough into the subcutaneous fat of the plantar foot to drive the virus into the blood stream to initiate the immune response, or you are needling some lesions other than verrucae. In my experience, it is more like 10% that don't resolve, rather than only 10% that do resolve.
  21. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    To all,
    Several years ago a G.P. took a syringe filled with L.A and injected into the centre of a V/P on the P/S PCA, and then proceeded to inject six point around the V/P. He removed the so called V/P and with 1 month the patient had 7 V/P's - the original and the six in the exact position where he injected the L.A.

    We have to be careful not to cross contaminate when injecting near a V/P. Remember folks that a V/P is like an iceberg - you don't know what is underneath the surface or how far it has spread.

    Don Scott
  22. What unfortunate patient did he do this experiment on? Doesn't sound too ethical to me, unless he performed this experiment on himself.
  23. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    It was not an experiment and the female patient came to me fuming/spitting chip if you get my meaning.

    The G.P. was a stupid drongo!!!!!!!

    He had the same mentality at the G.P who cross contaminated patients with the HIV virus by double dipping using the same L.A. bottle. That is why we now use single dosage ampules and disposable needle and syringes.

    We have to protect our patients first and ourselves as well.

  24. Maria Cantarelli

    Maria Cantarelli Welcome New Poster

    Hi André I am doing research on the application of nitric acid at 65% for warts, can you tell me where I can find literature about it?
    Thank you advance
    Best Regards

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