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MSK Podiatrist Northampton (Part-Time)

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by KJW, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. KJW

    KJW Welcome New Poster

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    If you are looking for an exciting new role this is well worth a read!!

    ++++++ MSK Podiatrist Northampton (PART-TIME)++++

    Are you a passionate Podiatrist interested in:
    - Being part of a great multidisciplinary team
    - Having an awesome case load of motivated patients
    - A Great mix of MSK conditions and foot care
    - Working with Physio's, Osteo's and Sports Massage therapist's to provide the optimal care package for patients with MSK pain
    - Enjoying your job

    The Back and Body Clinic are unique in their absolute commitment to creating an environment where Therapists can thrive and make a real difference. We have two large Clinic locations in Northampton and a fantastic multidisciplinary team (28 staff) of fun loving, motivated people. Please visit our home page to see a picture and more information about the team

    We love spending time as a team and have an incredible learning environment at the Clinic to maximise our development and ability to make a real difference to our patients. Some of the ways we do this are listed below:

    • We have a great multidisciplinary team including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Massage Therapists, a Podiatrist/Chiropodist, ESP’s/Injection Therapist/Independent Prescribers, 1:1 and group Pilates Instructors etc. so there is a great pool of knowledge.

    • We provide a generous remuneration package (Salary to reflect candidate’s experience)
    • We have a great administrative team here to allow you to concentrate on being the best therapist you can be.
    • All Therapists have Mentorship time with the Directors.
    • We employ all our staff which means they get paid if they are seeing patients or not, for holidays, sickness etc etc.
    • A pension scheme.
    Furthermore, our two forward thinking, dynamic and popular Musculoskeletal Clinics in Northampton have built a superb reputation for combining a first class service with unrivalled patient care and treatment. We were proud to have been awarded:

    - Midlands Service Provider of the Year 2018
    - ‘Excellence in Customer Services Award ’ in 2014
    - Northamptonshire’s ‘Business of the Year Award’ in 2013

    The patient demographic at the Clinic makes for a great patient population to treat: Approximately 75% are self-paying patients and approximately 20% are from private medical insurances. This means that generally our patients are motivated people who love to work with us to both deal with the symptoms and the underlying causes of their problems.

    We are looking for a like-minded MSK Podiatrist to join the team at the Wotton Clinic and at the Moulton Clinic. The majority of your caseload will be MSK and predominantly intra-clinic referrals from the other therapists, but there will also be some chiropody/foot care type work also.

    You must:
    - Have >3 years experience
    - Have excellent assessment and clinical reasoning skills and extensive experience in the use and provision of orthotics for MSK conditions
    - Have experience in treating and managing a wide variety of foot care conditions in a clinical setting
    - Be passionate about going the extra mile for your patients and enjoy being part of a fun and interactive multidisciplinary team
    - Genuinely care about the patient and have the personality to go with it

    For our Privacy Notice for Job Applicants please visit our website

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