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New Book: Foot and Lower Extremity Biomechanics IV: Precision Intricast Newsletters, 2009-2013

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Kevin Kirby, Nov 17, 2013.

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    For those that are interested, I am putting together the final touches on my 4th Precision Intricast Newsletter Book that is scheduled to be published in early 2014. This book includes five years of my monthly Precision Intricast Newsletters from February 2009 to December 2013 and includes 53 new illustrations. There is also a large section on practical foot orthosis modifications which I have used over the years for treating various foot and lower extremity pathologies. In addition, I have introduced new theoretical concepts in foot and lower extremity biomechanics, have discussed the latest foot biomechanics, foot orthosis and running research. I have also discussed the biomechanical basis behind many common pathologies and clinical observations we all see in our clinics on a regular basis.

    I believe my fourth book will appeal to a wide range of interests in those foot-health care professionals that regularly treat foot and lower extremity mechanically-based pathologies.

    Here is the Table of Contents:

  2. Ian Linane

    Ian Linane Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to it Kevin
  3. Here is the chronology of monthly newsletters for my new book:

  4. So, if my calculations are correct, that'll be 25 years of Newsletters- right? If nothing else, your devotion to the subject matter is to be applauded.

    Having had privvy to some of these newsletters over the last few years, I can honestly say the latest volume of these books looks set to be the best yet and will add to the knowledge base of the eager readership.

    Congratulations Kevin, no single individual has added more to the subject field than yourself. It is no exageration to say you are the finest biomechanically orientated podiatrist of a generation. :drinks
  5. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Can`t argue with that. I`ve learnt much from the Big Cheese.

    Cheers, Kevin :drinks

  6. A little longer.....I wrote the first Precision Intricast newsletter in October 1986, 27 years ago, and have now done them monthly, 317 newsletters in total, during those 27+ years.

    And, now just months away from my 57th birthday, having started this journey when I was just a pup, at age 29, I realize that my best days are likely behind me. However, like you said, Simon, I believe this book may be my best...both very practical and "cutting edge" with new concepts and theories that, at the least, are worthy of consideration and further discussion.

    What does make all this even more worthwhile, Simon, is to know that if my days come suddenly to an end, I have someone like you to carry the torch further for us. Mate, this is of the greatest comfort to me.:drinks
  7. Dr. Steven King

    Dr. Steven King Well-Known Member

    Aloha Kevin,

    I thank you for your continued efforts to sell us the most up to date reference on orthotics and footwear management.

    I really do not mean to move your cheese,,, but does your latest product include much information on the use of advanced composites in orthotic therapy in chapter 5?

    BIOMECHANICS AND FUNCTION OF FOOT ORTHOSES............………..…….…..... 51
    Direct Mechanical and Neuromotor Effects of Foot Orthoses ..........................................…. 53
    High-Arched Foot Orthoses: New Innovation or Old Technology? ..................................... 55
    Artificial Dichotomy of Functional and Accommodative Orthoses ..................................... . 57
    Using Forefoot Extensions to Increase Orthosis Therapeutic Value …………………….…. 59
    New Scientific Research Demonstrates Foot Orthosis Efficacy ……………....................... 61
    Effects of Foot Orthoses on the Metabolic Efficiency of Gait ............................................... 63

    Happy Friday,

    Composite Spring Orthotic Runner.
  8. Lab Guy

    Lab Guy Well-Known Member

    "I thank you for your continued efforts to sell us the most up to date reference on orthotics and footwear management."


    If you knew Kevin better, you would not use the word 'sell' but provide. I believe his intention behind his books is not to make money but rather to educate and motivate others to further their knowledge and bring greater clarity to applied biomechanics.

  9. Dr. Steven King

    Dr. Steven King Well-Known Member

    Mahalo Steve,

    Kevin, "Dr. Kirby", is indeed an esteemed veteran of this Podiatry Arena and podiatry as a whole.

    I am asking if he has covered the roles of advanced composites in the book he is "offering for sale" for us on this thread that he has started and so kindly has included the entire chapter list.

    I like a good book that has characters that show, character... Like most of the good folks on this great website.

    And we are not trying "to sell" advanced composite biomechanical innovations we are trying to better protect our soldiers, first responders, and other loved ones with our new technology and educate the educators.

    Happy Friday,

    Kingetics- Making Our Soldiers Safer One Step at a Time...TM
  10. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Low. So pleased my ignore list prevents me from being exposed to the majority of this kind of spite.
  11. drdebrule

    drdebrule Active Member

    These books by Kevin Kirby provide great information for those of us interested in biomechanics and foot orthoses. Some of this information presented is difficult to find anywhere else. I have all three books and will soon be purchasing the fourth. I give these books two thumbs up!
  12. I just finished the Preface and Acknowledgments part of the book this morning. The book should be off to the printers by December, if all goes as planned.
  13. Dr. Steven King

    Dr. Steven King Well-Known Member

    Aloha Kevin,

    We realize the hard work and effort you have given into this project.

    We beg the question again, does your book cover advanced composite materials and and the latest technologies to utlize them ?

  14. I am assuming that the following information will be of help to those who are interested:

  15. Lab Guy

    Lab Guy Well-Known Member

    I am assuming that the following information will be of help to those who are interested:

    This message is hidden because Dr. Steven King is on your Ignore List.

    Good advice. He is on my Ignore List too.

  16. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Agreed - as anyone whoever did anything for the Podiatry profession worldwide would know there is very little money in "selling" anything to Podiatrists. The interested market is just not that big!

    Thanks for this Kevin I will be picking myself up a copy of this one...
  17. Dr. Steven King

    Dr. Steven King Well-Known Member


    I am saddened that you are ignoring to learn from our research for our United States Department of Defense and Army Medical Research and Materials Command contract grant "Advanced Composite Insoles for the Reduction of Stress Fractures." SBIR A11-109.

    Our soldiers would benefit from the great minds here on Podiatry Areana.

    This is a call to all podiatry students to dig deeper and expect innovations.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

    Kingetics- Asking You To Please Strive Faster...TM
  18. For those that are interested, I finally finished the content and graphics for the cover (and ordered my first two copies to be printed) for my fourth Precision Intricast Newsletter Book: Foot and Lower Extremity Biomechanics IV: Precision Intricast Newsletters, 2009-2013.

    The new book will hopefully be available for purchase in January 2014 from the Precision Intricast website. www.dpmlab.com.

    Here also is a copy of the front cover of the book.

    Looks to be the best one yet!
  19. Lab Guy

    Lab Guy Well-Known Member


  20. Here's the first copy in the hands of the old man himself sitting in his office.:santa:
  21. Nice tie. I'm thiniking of bringing back the ascot for 2014..
  22. It's a Jerry Garcia Christmas tie, "Jungle Scape". Pam likes to buy me one every year for the holidays.:santa::santa2::drinks
  23. Precision Intricast has now ordered the new books to be printed for sale. The website at www.dpmlab.com should have my fourth book for sale by the end of next week. We did change the cover design from the blue covered book to a very sharp looking brown marble background because the blue background seemed to be almost identical in color to my second book. I like it.

    I think you all will find my fourth book to be a good mix of very practical information on how to make better foot orthoses for your patients and the latest cutting edge ideas regarding foot and lower extremity biomechanics and foot orthosis therapy.

    Below is the proud author of Foot and Lower Extremity Biomechanics IV: Precision Intricast Newsletters, 2009-2013.

    Where did all my hair go???
  24. Tom Quinton

    Tom Quinton Member

    Hi Kevin,

    I'm glad to hear your new book will be released soon. I have your second and third volumes and would like to get your first and fourth. I try to get digital copies of most of my books. Is there any chance you'll be releasing a digital version?
  25. Hi Tom:

    There are no plans as of yet to release digital versions of any of my four books. However, we may consider digital versions in the future.
  26. Here is a clean copy of the cover for my new book with the snazzy brown marble background.
  27. Here is the table of contents for the new book.
  28. Here is the index for the new book.
  29. Griff

    Griff Moderator

  30. The new book is now available for order at www.dpmlab.com

    I really like the brown marble cover.....
  31. Ella Hurrell

    Ella Hurrell Active Member

    Mine ordered too - looking forward to seeing it along side the others :)
  32. bro0008

    bro0008 Member

    Thanks for all this Kevin, an absolute podiatry legend.
  33. Phil3600

    Phil3600 Active Member

    My order is in! Come on US, UK postal system!!!
  34. Ian Linane

    Ian Linane Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to it arriving Kevin.
  35. DaveJames

    DaveJames Active Member

    Cheers Kevin!

    Mine has been ordered and, according to an email today, dispatched.

    Looking forward to getting stuck into it!

    Kind regards,

    Dave :drinks
  36. phil

    phil Active Member

    I just ordered one too. Hope it has a speedy journey across the Pacific, and dodges all the cyclones brewing in the Coral Sea! Looking forward to reading it.

    Thank you Kevin for your effort in putting these together for all us hard working podiatrists around the globe.
  37. sam_wallwork

    sam_wallwork Active Member

    Ordered mine yesterday, looking forward to its arrival.

  38. mike t

    mike t Member

    Just ordered my copy too...plenty of interesting reading ahead!
  39. Mijel84

    Mijel84 Active Member

    Ordered one to Spain.
  40. frederic G

    frederic G Active Member

    I have the second and third book. I am at the "II seminar de patologia del pie" in Zaragoza and I "found" the first and fourth books in spanish. I asked if there was the english books there, and a man (Kevin Kirby, I didn't recognise him at the moment as it was the first time I saw him in real) told me there wasn't.
    I'm a bit better in english than in spanish language, so I will book the english ones online...
    But books in french could be good too ;-).

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