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New student hello

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by spinningjackie, Apr 28, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Jackie Thomas, from Devon, UK. I'm currently waiting to start my university course at Plymouth this September. I'm really excited to be doing something new and back learning again after many years working.

    I'm really glad I've found this forum, so that I can do something useful preparing for my course in September.

    Thanks to all reading this. I hope to have something more useful to contribute later on.

    Regards Jackie Thomas
  2. Hi Jackie :welcome: to Podiatry Arena, Good luck in your studies. Great that you found Podiatry Arena, it will make a big difference during the uni years and after.
  3. BestyPod

    BestyPod Active Member

    Hi Jackie, my name is Abi & I too am waiting to start my university course in September, however I shall be going to Northampton Uni instead. I am very excited about starting, however also a little nervous as I am a mature student (28) and really don't know what to expect. If all goes to plan I shall be moving to Australia once I graduate with my husband, daughter & little Jack Russel. Exciting times ahead! Best of luck in your course. x

  4. Hi Abi,

    I'm sure that you'll love it. I used to live in Northampton for about 13 years. The town's Ok, not exciting, but not nasty either.

    I'm going to be a far more mature student than you! I'm 44 next month. I'm sure that you'll be fine, from speaking to other pod students, there are quite a few mature ones. More so than on other courses and they all seem to get on fine with the younger ones. Hopefully they will have grown up a bit more than my 14 year old son, who is very much a teenager at the moment!

    Emigration is a big step, I hope that it goes well. I believe Podiatry culture out there is quite similar to here, so our training should suit you fine.

    Hope that you enjoy your course.

  5. Zuse

    Zuse Active Member

    Hi guys!
    im sure both of you will be fine! just a wee bit of advice is to get ust to the names of the muscles and bones in the leg and foot! this will help you a lot and posibaly free you up to spend a bit more time studying for other exams!
    dont worry about being a mature student there was a person on my cause who was 66!
    good luck in your studys!
  6. saffmonster23

    saffmonster23 Member

    Hi everyone, I've just been accepted into Salford part time in Jan-2011... I can't wait. I hope I'm not the oldest student :eek:

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