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Nike shoes with memory foam insoles....

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by ACH, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. ACH

    ACH Welcome New Poster

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    What will they think of next? Although the very last thing I need is another pair of sports shoes I could not resist the latest Nike novelty that I discovered in Footlocker today. The Nike In-Season TR running shoes have a memory foam insole and although awkward to initially slide your foot into due to a thickness of the foam, once on they are amazingly comfortable. The shoes have not been on sale for very long here in NZ, but I have been told that demand for them has been huge. I have read much on the barefoot shoe debate and wonder what the forum participants think of this novelty...
  2. Freddy

    Freddy Member

    Not heard of these shoes, any anecdotal or evidence feedback from their use?
    Perhaps not related to this, however shoe-related! A G.P. has advised one of my patients with plantar fac. of 6/12 duration to wear Rockport shoes. Is there any evidence to suggest they will help? I presume these shoes have an in-built valgus support. Freddy.
  3. tessamo

    tessamo Welcome New Poster

    I have a pair, actually 3 pairs of Under Armor sandals with memory foam in them. I have a pair of old Naots that the cork is completely ruined but I keep them for the looks. I hardly wear the Naots anymore because my feet are doing so much better with the Under Armor sandals. I was able to walk 9 miles in one day with them. I hardly ever feel the plantar fasciatis anymore. While I was at the sporting goods store I noticed the Nike pair of sandals of memory foam and it appears thicker than the Under Armor pair. They were out of my size this year so I may try to buy them next year. I have 2 daughters and we all wear the same size so I don't mind buying multiples.
    I was in a store last weekend and my kid told me they had the Nike's. I had to think about it because I don't have much problem in the winter as the summer. I broke down and bought them yesterday. I had a pair of shoes with an N on them , not Nike. In the store they didn't even feel as cushy as the pair I had on but I am going to give them a try because of how well the sandals do for me.
    I have to tell you I only wear these on the weekends but during the work week I don't walk much.
    I will report back.

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