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Nurses Administering FootHealthCare in UK?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by C Bain, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

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    Hi Admin,

    Is it not a good idea for the Canadian Type Thread on Nursing FootHealthCare to be discussed in the UK Forum rather than unintentionally possibly ignoring it, (Hoping it might go away?). I consider that it could well already be happening. Not being artificially produced, but naturally growing as a possible permanent stop gap to an actual need in our wonderful NHS. and PP's.???


  2. podrn

    podrn Member

    I think it is a good idea to discuss foot care nurses administering care regardless of what country. I personally feel we need every health care provider that can legally do foot care to be properly trained and utilized to the highest level of their scope of practice in every country. Nurses around the world are seeing the incredible need for foot care and are trying their best to educate themselves and start helping out in this area. We should have international foot care training programs for all levels of health care professionals. It is only through good organization and proper utilization of resources that we will EVER get a handle on the diabetic foot care problem. If we start discussing these issues with openmindedness and keep in mind the highest good for the patients who need are care, we could work together and hopefully stop the ugly politiccal battles that seem to be involved with the issues of nurses doing foot care. before they get out of hand. We are professionals and should not be "bashing" fellow professionals. We must literally "stand" united so we can keep people standing!
  3. DTT

    DTT Well-Known Member

    Hi All (and Colin)

    In the UK in recent years we have seen nurses taking over many tasks once reserved for specialist groups .

    We have nurse practitioners , nurse specialists and nurse consultants ( I'm sure there are more which I have not mentioned)

    Having observed the care levels given by some I wonder if they have "bitten off more than they can chew" in many instances??

    I hear doctors complaining they spend more and more time arguing with the "nurses opinion" about a patients treatments , and patients complaining that basic care is now "beneath" the average nurses remit when in hospital .

    This of course is a broad reference and by no means exacting but the point is :-

    Are we not breeding a "jack of all trades" practitioner with the associated reduction in patient care standards ??

    Just an opinion


    Derek ;)
  4. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    A ship without a rudder!

    Hi Derek,

    Quote :- ' "Jack of all trades," practitioner with the associated reduction in patient care standards??'

    Unfortunately this has always been the leveller used by those in power. My own experience is that those in various rankings of power always feel safer when they are down grading other specialists to "Jack of all trades."

    I well remember on two separate occasions in my working life watching from the position of the tea boy highly skilled operatives being handed other peoples menial little jobs to do. It made the Power look much more intelligent than he really was. This in the vast number of cases led to the mediocre (If I can spell it!), look better than he really was. The left hand eventually forgot where the right hand was, never mind what he was supposed to be doing.

    Just may be this Aunt Sally was not such a good idea after all? I do remember that it was the nurses who in fact delivered the podiatrists when there were none of us to be labelled! But today mention feet or toes to doctors and nurses around my way and guess where the patient ends up? Nurses around my way are taking early retirement in ever increasing numbers. They trained to treat the sick not fill in lots of useless paper to be read by people who don't know what they are on about most of the time, anyway. Some, however, quickly learn how to play the system, (The survivors you know!).

    Unfortunately the customer, patient, the needy: Get the same answer when asked, "WHO?"

    Well said Derek, back to sanity or something like that, (Insanity?). You should see what I've just done to Internet Explorer, (Something else showing the signs of insanity tonight!!!).

    Back to the subject. Of course with training and a greater influx of none - degree nurses and carers into the NHS., it could be relaunched with the right sort of staff to keep the hospitals running efficiently, and clean again. Jobs in or out of the professions in the NHS. should receive the right level of training and support! This is more true than ever regarding us with our friends the Nurses and the CAPTAINS OF THE SHIP the DOCTORS. To think that I've actually felt I had to write that. I can see a nurse telling a doctor that he is wrong, where that is going to lead to. The ship would be on the rocks whilst the discussion continued to take place.

    Not bad for a Saturday night when I should be getting a life Derek, but maybe you would rather not be associated with the above anyway.



    P.S. (Why have I got this sudden urge to insult the Prime Minister, twice today it was, when we all know he's innocent!).
    Last edited: May 1, 2005
  5. DTT

    DTT Well-Known Member

    Hi Colin (again)

    Another entertaining post thank you !! :D :D

    Not going to reply formally this time , I will let the "rest of the world" join in!! :)

    Don't you ever change my friend ( I have never met you) but think you are are a very careing person ( and that cannot be a bad thing).

    Keep enjoyng life and most of all

    BE LUCKY ;)


  6. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    Putting the Train back on the Track?

    Hi All,

    Is the NEED in the UK. high enough in volume to allow and support Chiropodists while competing with,

    1. FHP's.

    2. Nurses.

    3. Chiropody Assistants of various kinds.

    Or have we a situation developing where we could have a 'Market Demand Saturation Point' about to be reached?

    Are we about to produce a "Jack of all Trades," on the one hand whilst having, "Too many Cooks Spoiling the Broth," on the other?

    "Dilution against Diversification?"

    Nurses have a ready access to Patients but in my experience are too hard worked to have the time to concern themselves with feet and nails!

    However, nurses in certain quarters of the NHS. are quietly been encouraged to train in nail cutting, etc.!

    Is there a future in this Thread I wonder without producing a 'NEW, THEM and US' scenario I wonder?

    I await your views, you who read this, or have you bigger fish to fry???


    Colin. (Well when I press the 'Submit' I wonder where this one is going to go? No don't tell me, that could be rather painful?).

    P.S. I wonder how, HPC. would look on this? They would be hard pushed to Regulate the Nursing Chiropodist, or if you read this again have I already answered that question!!!
    Last edited: May 3, 2005
  7. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    Recap. Time?

    Hi All,

    You know I sometimes get a touch of suicidal tendencies and start living dangerously!

    I have resurrected this one mainly to see if views in the UK. have possibly changed, mellowed or hardened over this past month???

    Have we had enough time to consider what has been said above about general alternatives to Chiropody/Podiatry, and does it warrant any further comment at this time?



    P.S. But be careful, ALL, someone might just appear wielding the 'Sword of Damocles', (Not pleasant!), and it won't be a Chiropodist/Podiatrist either!!!

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