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Overseas podiatry volunteer work

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by ancika, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. ancika

    ancika Welcome New Poster

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    Hi all,

    for the last couple of months I have been considering doing some podiatry volunteer work outside of Australia - preferably South/Central America and/or Asia.

    I have searched the net found it slightly difficult to find any podiatry specific volunteer work that actually recognises Australian qualifications - most of them seem to be US based and "recruit" podiatric surgeons.

    I did come across Health Volunteers Overseas who do have a program based on wound care and lymphoedema management in Cambodia and would be suitable for Aus podiatrists.

    I would mostly be interested in wound care programs but basically any aspect of podiatry work is of interest to me.

    I wanted to ask if anyone has done any podiatry volunteer work anywhere outside of Australia and what your experiences were / if you have any advice and suggestions.

    If you haven't done any podiatry volunteer work have you done any volunteering at all and know of any "trusted" organisations that you would recommend.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy holidays.


  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  3. Anthony Lewis

    Anthony Lewis Active Member

    Hi Ancika,

    Further to the private message sent I ask you to consider the term sustainability. I anticipate most pods who desire to volunteer abroad do so with a vision of providing clinical services. And why not. Interacting with local community hospital staff and patients is an incredible career and life experience which will change you forever. Patients are equally likely to be the nicest and most grateful you ever encounter. However what happens in the months following your departure? Will anything have changed for the long term due to you presence? Subsequently I’d encourage you to consider your potential role in lobbying and advocating for greater clinical facilities and resources as well as conducting health promotion activities for health professionals and the local community - from my experiences in the Pacific Islands I’d suggest half the battle is getting patients to present (and present early) for their foot pathology. Establishing Footscape is my attempt at developing sustainable projects in disadvantaged settings. Admittedly most of our current projects are based in Australia rather than abroad.

    With regards to trusted organisations I’d encourage you and any interested persons to consult accredited Australian aid programs that send volunteers abroad and ascertain feedback regarding prospects. Such organisations include Australian Volunteers International and Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development. Unfortunately we all know the scope of Podiatry practice is underappreciated throughout many parts of the world. As such very few volunteer placements have been devised for Podiatrists through these organisations. Hence you may need to be proactive in devising a placement.
  4. hi Ancika-you might have a look on Calcutta Rescue website-good luck peter mccloskey

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