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Overseas Sponsorship Private UK Podiatry Practice Norwich

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by Randell'sFootcare, Jun 8, 2022.

  1. Randell'sFootcare

    Randell'sFootcare Welcome New Poster

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    Do you want to be part of a diverse, exciting and cutting edge podiatry team?

    Watch our Recruitment Video to find out what it is like to work at #Randell's - search Randell's Footcare in Youtube

    We are one of very few private practice's in the UK that can offer sponsorship visas to overseas podiatrists

    A fabulous opportunity has arisen for a full-time Podiatrist to join our friendly team of 15 staff, including 7 podiatrists, working within our 7 high street accredited clinics situated across Norwich and the beautiful county of Norfolk.
    Randell's Footcare is a multi-clinic based accredited private practice, offering full scope of podiatry treatments including routine foot care, Biomechanics, Swift therapy, Plasma therapy, Shock Wave treatment, Cryotherapy, and other specialist podiatry services. We also offer a range of holistic treatments as part of Randell's Healthcare.
    We are looking for an enthusiastic team member who feels as passionate about podiatry and the way it can help people achieve healthy active lifestyles as we do. We hold regular events for all our staff as a chance for our whole team to socialise and engage with each other.
    You will need to be a car driver, be confident in your basic podiatry skills, and be open to further training. You will need to have HCPC registration and have good English language skills.

    We offer a salary of £28,000-£38,000 depending on experience, company pension & healthcare package. We understand a move to another county may be daunting, which is why we offer a £1000 relocation fee accompanied by support in finding suitable housing.

    ** What we offer for the successful applicant **
    • A diverse environment to work in, working in different clinics each day across Norfolk & Norwich
    • Being part of a passionate team of podiatrists and staff with regular events where the whole team socialize and engage with each other
    • The ability to constantly evolve your podiatry skills through in-house training on innovative treatments
    • £1000 relocation fee and support in finding suitable accommodation
    • Cash back health care scheme
    Website: www dot randellsfootcare dot co dot uk
    Instagram: @RandellsFootcare
    Apply now on LinkedIn, Indeed, or by replying to this threat

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