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Partial Socks Trans met Amputee

Discussion in 'Diabetic Foot & Wound Management' started by Greg Fyfe, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Greg Fyfe

    Greg Fyfe Active Member

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    Does anyone have any experience with silpos partial socks on trans met amputees with recurrant planatar breakdown.

    Has rocker sole custom shoes with plastazote insoles.

    Peripheral Neuropathy, passable vascular perfusion, bilateral t/m amputee. Sub 60yr old male client.

    Anything that will help get him more than a month without ulceration would be welcome.

  2. Leigh Shaw

    Leigh Shaw Active Member

    Hi Greg, have used a patial sock in the past on a T1 younge male who was a security officer with good sucess. How long ago was his amputation ie is he still healing and where is the ulceration?
  3. Greg Fyfe

    Greg Fyfe Active Member

    Hi Leigh

    The last amputation was 2 years ago.
    L/foot beneath the 1st mtp region, where there is a knot of scar tissue
    R/ Foot beneath the 3rd 4th mtp joint area.
    They apparently "take turns".

  4. Leigh Shaw

    Leigh Shaw Active Member

    Hi Greg, I would try the silipos patial sock - Briggate medical have them in their catalogue for AU$59 - 69 Depending on length. If thats still not enough how about an insole of a plastazote/ memory foam combo as well, allowing foe shoe depth, I have also used the silipos forefoot covers over this type of area as well.
  5. rajna

    rajna Member

    Sorry - this is off the topic a bit, but with the transmet amputees, do you find that the TA tightens over time so that the distal plantar stump region gets increased pressure? I don't see a lot of transmet amputees long term post surgery, and I believe that one of our clinics current patients is having this happen after 18 months, and I was wondering if it was common. Rajna
  6. deco

    deco Active Member


    I have used the partial foot silicone socks made by silipose with some good results.

    I often wonder when it comes to diabetic partial foot amputations whether they are often better doing a transtibial amputation rather than a nip tuck approach every couple of years which often ultimately ends up in tt ampution anyway.


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