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Podiatrist Position Available - BRISBANE

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Penguin Podiatry, Jan 12, 2023.

  1. Penguin Podiatry

    Penguin Podiatry Welcome New Poster

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    Penguin Podiatry is EXPANDING! We are looking for a podiatrist to add to our team. This podiatrist will primarily be based at our brand new clinic located in NEWPORT QLD 4020 within the Newport Marketplace. Newport is located in the beautiful region of Redcliffe Peninsula

    About the role: A fantastic opportunity to work in a fun, friendly and team-focused environment. You will be working alongside our two podiatrists, owner, and reception staff.

    Responsibilities: Provide a range of consultations, treatments, objective assessments, educational material, and intervention services to a range of patients. This includes the diagnosis, treatment, and management of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower limb.
    What We Can Offer:
    • A progressive and friendly clinic environment
    • Diverse range of patient load from general foot care, biomechanical, diabetic foot care management, wound care management, pediatrics.
    • Access to our latest equipment and technology including 3D Treadmill Gait Analysis system, Gymna Shockwave, 3D Cad Cam system
    • Training in how to Model and design orthotics with the use of our 3D orthotic modelling system - not just filling out scripts and sending to labs, you will be in full control of your patients orthotics!
    • The opportunity to grow within the clinic in both responsibility and earning potential.
    New Graduates welcome to apply.

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