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Podiatrist Position Available - Capalaba / Victoria Point - Active Care Podiatry / Docpods / Ergonx

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Active Care Podiatry, Oct 3, 2023.

  1. Active Care Podiatry

    Active Care Podiatry Welcome New Poster

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    We are looking for an enthusiastic podiatrist to join us at Active Care Podiatry / Ergonx / Docpods in our multi-disciplinary clinic. You will be working alongside physiotherapists, exercise philologists, massage therapists and of course our other podiatrists.

    • Would suit new grads or experienced podiatrists
    • Friendly, low-stress working environment.
    • Patient load is a good mix of biomechanical and general treatments.
    • 3d Digital Scanning for orthotics
    • On-site grinding for easy adjustments
    • Video Gait Analysis
    • Hands-on manual therapy-focused treatments used often - Muscle Release / Stretch and Strength Routines
    • Clinic Hours would be split between 2 locations Capalaba and Victoria Point.
    • Full-time reception and support staff
    • Training and support for new grad / recent grad applicants or pods not familiar with biomech / orthotics techniques

    Starting Date: Late January 2024 (But Flexible on timing)
    Salary Package: Base Salary and 40% commission (paid monthly) on net patient treatments (Expected package range $70-120k depending on performance)

    Please contact us for any questions or if you would like to visit the clinic.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kent Elliot

    Phone: (07)3823 5423

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