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Podiatrists Support Trump for President

Discussion in 'USA' started by Craig Payne, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Ah never mind - we're on to Afghanistan now and a big boom-boom $16m mothafugger in the middle of nowhere to kill thirty-six angry arabs - almost a half million each. Such largesse! The angry arabs and other disillusioned dudes can treble the kill for a $100 truck hire on a busy weekend - and they're everywhere. Where's Arnie when you need him?

    Next up, a tactical nuclear strike over a chicken farm in a remote northern province of North Korea - 300,000 nasty commie peckers are about to fried Trump-style! You up for that Jeff?

    On another note - happy fucking 80th Jack Nicholson. The best President America never had. Where is Nurse Ratched when you need her?

  2. Jeff Root

    Jeff Root Well-Known Member

    Well worth the money if it saves the lives of the Afghani ground troops that would have had to have gone into the tunnels to get rid of the ISIS fighters.
  3. Crikey, Jeff, really? I mean, really? Do you believe that??

    I got news for you. The US lost in Afghanistan. The Taliban are still there - in increasing numbers and there is also an influx of Islamic fighters from Syria and Iraq. There may be a puppet government in Kabul but make no mistake - 95% of the country is under Sharia Law enforced by the extremists. That is a direct consequence of our governments' invasion following 9/11. I don't care for any religious cause, but generally, if you accuse a group of people of something heinous that they didn't actually do, them you are likely to piss them off big time and they are unlikely to trust or respect you in future, especially if you bomb the shit out of their country and invade it for a decade or more and make it even more corrupt and dangerous that it was before.

    Now we have the inglorious position of the US and partners running a few secure military bases in the country and propping up the regime in Kabul with US $'s until an orderly respectable retreat can be made - just like Vietnam, Jeff. Will you never learn?

    Now and again you can lob off a few big missiles and terrorise wedding parties with drones and tomahawks, but you really still don't get it do you? All this shit, all the lies, all the injustices and deceptions - the 9/11's, the Abu Grahib, Gaza Strip - all the mayhem we've created in the Middle East has evolved into an ideology - a perverted one for sure, but one that has its root cause at our door.

    The IS ideology is not just in Afghanistan. Its down at your local Walmart or sitting behind you in the cinema or just across the way from your grandkids' school. Big bombs won't sort that problem.

    That way of thinking you exhibit in the above, Jeff, is the principal reason why we are where we are today.

    Have a good weekend.
  4. drhunt1

    drhunt1 Well-Known Member

    And where are you, Mark? Hiding behind your PC, while hiding in the UK? Pfffft! I break wind in your honor. (BTW...the target in Afghanistan was the tunnels and caves...the now 94 ISIS fighters obliterated were merely a cherry on top. Afghanis are thrilled about the destruction). But the Donald just had another MAJOR victory...having the little, fat toad, Kim Jong Un back down in his promises to launch more missiles. He'll be fortunate if SEAL Team 6, (Dev Gru), doesn't take him out. Trump invited Xi JinPing to Mar-a-Lago for four days...he cut a deal with him...right after Trump announced that he authorized 59 cruise missiles being sent into Syria, over a "beautiful piece of chocolate cake". This is bigger than JFK's handling of the Cuban-missile Crisis...bigger than Reagan's handling of Gorbuchev. For the first time in history, the Chinese and US worked together...This is how Big Boys function:

    Have a great weekend yourself...
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2017
  5. drhunt1

    drhunt1 Well-Known Member

  6. Matty

    I had a girlfriend in Colorado for a while who took me over the Rocky Mountain Trail hoping the altitude sickness might wear down the resistance, but we got hopelessly lost and ended up in a bar about an hour from Colorado Springs and in the corner was the godfather of gonzo, HST, pissed and in top form. Over the next two hours, he predicted that one day, America would be led by a retard; an imbecile who is clearly insane - but is adulated by the majority of Americans because they recognise themselves in the image. He called it the age of "identity politics".

    No wonder he smoked so much shit.
  7. drhunt1

    drhunt1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah...whomever HST is, he was right...we had Barack Obama for 8 years. So where is BO now? Hiding on an island in French Polynesia that does not have an extradition treaty with the US while "his" youngest daughter, Malia, is in her senior year of high school. Now they may seem totally normal to you, but I believe differently. More and more evidence is being uncovered that links BO to criminal activity while he was POTUS. Tsk, tsk. Shame on you, Mark, for being so easily duped. And just whom is Malcomb Rifkin, anyway? Another POS Brit that can't keep his mouth shut? It appears you share a lot...

  8. Whatever you do, make sure they don't try and take you into the room with ECT on the door..

    Good luck!
  9. drhunt1

    drhunt1 Well-Known Member

    Please...try and keep abreast of the information, Mark...otherwise one might conclude that you're ignorant. Best of luck to you, living on the huge sum of money from your bestselling book sales...

  10. :)

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  11. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    "... Regardless of who fired the missile, human error is all too possible. Surface-to-air missile crews may have been pumped up to overreact. They may have been tired, gotten conflicting orders and vague rules of engagement data, or simply have been too new to handle the work burden. The United States shot down an Iranian airliner under somewhat similar circumstances during the “tanker war.” ..."

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