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Podiatry Position Launceston Tasmania

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by penpod, Feb 2, 2023.

  1. penpod

    penpod Active Member

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    Picturesque Tasmania is calling
    Full time podiatry position
    Commencing May 2023
    Do you want to be part of a friendly fun loving team that values work life balance with easy access to some of Australia’s most scenic nature and incredible food and wine? Look no further- Launceston Podiatry Clinic is seeking another podiatrist to join the team.
    About Us:
    Launceston Podiatry Clinic has been committed to providing the best treatment available and create a family friendly environment for clients and staff since 1994. The clinic caters for all aspects of podiatry including regular routine care, neurovascular assessments, diabetes education, biomechanical assessments, nail surgery,sports and paediatric care.
    Pactmed Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Low Level Laser therapy (photo biomodulation) BraceN Fix and 3D scanning are utilised within the clinic.
    We also utilise the exercise program The Rehab Lab.
    About the role:
    We are looking for a personable and enthusiastic person/s to take on a Podiatry role. You will be joining a supportive team of 2 other podiatrists with a wealth of knowledge and 2 supportive receptionists in a fully computerised clinic, A varied caseload ensures you will get to practise and develop your skills in all facets of podiatry medicine. We offer opportunities for furthering your skills with regular case study conferences, CPD opportunities and mentoring. Our patient load is very varied and if you have a particular passion towards biomechanics, general treatment, paediatrics etc we are happy to tailor your patient base to your interests as best we can.
    What’s on offer:
    The role is ideally full time, however a more flexible arrangement may be negotiated. You will be working across all aspects of podiatry with no weekend work required. The remuneration package will be tailored to suit the successful applicant with the inclusion of accommodation and also a company car provided for private use.
    An invaluable perk of the role is the willingness of our friendly team to always be available to provide advice or a second opinion.
    Job requirements
    - Ability to diagnose, develop treatment plans and treat common foot conditions.
    - Good verbal and written communication skills
    - Ability to work independently
    - Good time management skills
    - APHRA registration as a podiatrist
    - Current valid CPR/ first aid certificates
    - Current Public liability and professional indemnity insurance
    - Evidence of Covid-19 vaccination
    - National Police Check
    - Interest in ongoing professional development
    For further information please either ring on 63347174 / 0437252961 or email

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