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Practice for Sale Brisbane Southside

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by BrisPod, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. BrisPod

    BrisPod Member

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    Practice for sale:

    Inner Southside of Brisbane, Australia

    A modern, long established Podiatry Practice, integrated with an Allied Health Centre is for sale. The Practice has a continually growing patient, base due to its main road exposure and strong marketing plan. It has a long lease to occupy a premise on the ground floor with easy access and 7 dedicated parking bays. There are two professionally fitted out Podiatry Rooms and an onsite Orthotic Laboratory, with two Podiatrists currently working a combined 9 days per week. The business could be grown into a total of 5 Podiatry Rooms or the new owner could continue to sublease 3 of the rooms to 11 Allied Health Professionals with whom the Practice currently has sublessee rental agreements. All the hard work has been done and this is an ideal opportunity for a motivated Practitioner or Investor to take this well advertised & established business to new heights.

    Please call 0418 709 018 or 07 3397 7858 after hours for more information
  2. footsteps2

    footsteps2 Active Member


    Did you sell this practice? Could you please PM me with further details. Many thanks.
  3. BrisPod

    BrisPod Member

    Hi footsteps2,

    Thank you for your response. Apologies for my late reply.

    The Practice is still up for sale and we would be happy to send you further information and financials if you were to provide us with a direct email address or Telephone number that we can contact you on.

    We look forward to talking to you further.

    Kind regards

  4. latham_Steph

    latham_Steph Welcome New Poster

    Just wondering if you are still selling your practice and what suburb in southside Brisbane your practice is located?

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