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Richie Brace Webinar Series

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Griff, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Griff

    Griff Administrator

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    Firefly Orthoses are running two FREE educational webinar's in co-operation with Dr Doug Richie.

    Here's the official blurb:

    Thursday 17th November 2011; 8.00PM - 9.00PM (GMT)
    Richie Brace - Clinical Indications

    Tuesday 29th November 2011; 8.00PM - 9.00PM (GMT)
    Richie Brace - Advanced Casting Techniques
  2. Griff

    Griff Administrator


    The first of these 'completely free and do it from your own sofa' online seminars is tommorow evening. Make sure to sign up if you haven't already.
  3. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Hey Griff,

    I can't make this tomorrow night, will it be recorded and uploaded anywhere? Not really sure how these things work.


  4. Griff

    Griff Administrator

    My understanding is that it will be available online at some point in the future also - so I'd sign up even if you don't envisage being around to see it 'live'.

  5. Griff

    Griff Administrator

    For those who may have missed these free online seminars the first time around - they are being repeated:

    Thursday 12th January 2012; 8.00PM - 9.00PM (GMT)
    Richie Brace - Clinical Indications

    Tuesday 26th January 2012; 8.00PM - 9.00PM (GMT)
    Richie Brace - Advanced Casting Techniques
  6. Kent

    Kent Active Member

    Queensland Orthotic Laboratory in conjunction with Dr Doug Richie will be running 4 free webinars on clinical indications casting techniques for podiatric AFOs. This is a great way to learn how to prescribe AFOs (Richie Brace) in your practice, giving you the ability to treat patients in a manner which could not be done in the past. These webinars can count towards your complusary CPD (1 hour / 1 point each).

    Clinical Indications
    Tuesday August 28th 2012, 10am - 11am. REGISTER HERE

    Tuesday August 28th, 2012 8pm - 9pm. REGISTER HERE

    Advanced Casting
    Wednesday September 5th 2012, 10am - 11am. REGISTER HERE

    Wednesday September 5th 2012, 8pm - 9pm. REGISTER HERE
  7. Kent

    Kent Active Member

    Places are filling up fast. Be sure to register ASAP to reserve your spot for these free webinars.

  8. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi Kent. How did AAPSM go in Perth?? Once we register... can we access this seminar at a later date? Or is it only available during the times allocated? I have recommended Team members who are interested but the times are already allocated within the clinic ???? :)

    Warm regards

  9. Kent

    Kent Active Member

    Hi Heather,

    It was a busy week for us with the AAPSM roadshow. We had a really good turnout in Perth. Great week with everyone but nice to get back to normality.:drinks

    If you register for the webinars, the slides will be available for participants afterwards (however it's just the slides without someone speaking). We are running evening sessions (8-9pm) if that helps.

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