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Robin Williams suicide caused by 'Rothbarts foot'

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Robertisaacs, Aug 18, 2014.


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    Apparently there are no depths which he won't plumb.
  2. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Re: Robin Williams suicide cause by Rothbarts foot.

    This is worse than the worst of bad taste. Has this man absolutely no shame? Surely his professional body will take action.

    Bill Liggins
  3. Re: Robin Williams suicide cause by Rothbarts foot.

    That is a disgrace

    Shocking even for him
  4. Re: Robin Williams suicide cause by Rothbarts foot.

    What an absolute cock.
  5. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Re: Robin Williams suicide cause by Rothbarts foot.

    I have always had a very low opinion of him and did not think that it could be any lower. He really is a despicable human being. Hopefully his fan boys will now start see that in him what the rest of us have been seeing for years.
  6. DamionH

    DamionH Member

    Re: Robin Williams suicide cause by Rothbarts foot.

    Succinctly and perfectly put Simon.

    Probably the single most disgusting piece of self-promotion I have ever had the misfortune to set eyes on.
  7. Re: Robin Williams suicide cause by Rothbarts foot.

    Don't beat around the bush, Dr. Spooner...what do you really think about Brian Rothbart.:rolleyes:

    Took the words right out of my mouth....well said!
  8. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Truly loathesome, despicable Rothbart, these actions are reprobate
  9. Franklin

    Franklin Active Member

    I'm not sure whether this 'person' has been banned from this site or not, but as a consequence of this shameful and jaw-dropping outrage, he must not (I feel) be allowed back on to this site. He should be shunned like the proverbial plague.

    I'm with you Simon - all the way.

  10. It could be worse. If Williams had a pair of Rhubarb's magic soles then Mrs Doubtfire wouldn't so much have had fire in her belly but a bun in her oven. Well done Brian - you've surpassed yourself this time.
  11. No, he's not Banned. But I doubt he'll be along. Surely even Brian must realise he done goofed here.
  12. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Nope. If he realized that he would have pulled it from his website!
  13. Trevor Prior

    Trevor Prior Active Member

    I always thought that opportunism could be good or bad, I now see it can also be appalling.
  14. toomoon

    toomoon Well-Known Member

  15. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Nothing. He just made up the title and used it; like a lot of other titles he uses. ...just like he decided to name a foot type after himself ... see the pattern?
  16. toomoon

    toomoon Well-Known Member

    I love it!!!!.. I would like you to refer to me as Sir Simon the Magnificent henceforth if you please
  17. Trevor Prior

    Trevor Prior Active Member

    Ok, I like the idea. So I will give you the choice:

    Sir Trevor the Terrific or
    Sir Trevor the To..er

    Given that the two even out, would that man statistically I am a nobody?

    Beginning to undertsand how Marvin from Hitch Hikers guide felt!!
  18. toomoon

    toomoon Well-Known Member

    you may call me "your Magnificence" from now on Trevor..
  19. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I just received this:
  20. Are we surprised? I had a patient a couple of years ago who was prescribed a set of posture control insiles for chronic foot pain by a fairly prominent UK podiatrist following several Skype consults with Rhubarb. The 'chronic' pain had only a duration of four months when she first sought advice, but she was diagnosed with Rhubarb Foot and fitted with a set of insoles- total cost £2,300 plus Rhubarbs consult fee of £1,100.

    Pain was in the navicular. Patient was 42 y/o post menapsusal - radiographs unremarkable; MRI demonstrated significant osteopenia in cuboid, which cleared of its own accord six months later. The insole made no difference whatsoever.
  21. Makes you sad reading reports like the one above
  22. No wonder Brian Rothbart needs to move from one country to another if this is the way he practices.

    Here is another report on Brian Rothbart from Ripoff Report:

    "I have been in chronic foot pain for the better part of 10 years. After exhausting all resources to help the pain, I was driven to the internet and to a man named Professor Rothbart. He is a former podiatrist living with his wife in Spain. That should have been my first red flag. He claims that he cannot practice medicine the way he wants to in the U.S. and so he left. Let me give a disclaimer that when you are in pain and have tried everything, it leads to a desperation of sorts, and clouds your thinking, making you do things that look foolish to others. Please know that I am a very intelligent, and sane woman.

    I have vast knowledge of medical practices, as I am an RN. I did a phone consult with Professor Rothbart, and he was able to identify issues with my feet and body that seemed more knowledgeable than anyone else I had seen. He has testimonials on his website, and it looked very promising. He works long distance, but we decided that because my case seemed complicated, it would be better for him to see me in person. I went to Spain, and he wanted 9000 euros up front, which as the time was $12,000. I borrowed money from a friend, which caused me great hardship to pay off. He made an insole for me, even though I had had numerous orthotics and insoles.

    I went home and they did seem to work for about 3 months. After they did not work anylonger, he decided that I needed a new pair to the tine of $7000.00. My husband and I were floored, and angry, but felt I was already in it, and needed to see it through. I got the second pair which took him 2 months to get to me, and I wore them, and they did not work. He then decided that part of the second pair of insoles included 3 months of contact with him, and after that, he would charge $450.00 for a phone conversation. He also decided that my jaw was the real culprit, and that I would need to travel 4 hours from my home to spend another $3500.00 on a mouth device that would relax the muscles in my jaw.

    I did it, and it did nothing. He then said he needed a very specialized set of X-rays to see my jaw alignment. This required a trip to Las Vegas, and cost me another $500.00. This was a year and a half after my trip to Spain. Our last phone conversation had to with him telling me that there was no reason his treatment was not working, and that I needed to see a psychic!!!! That was the last insult, and I cut him off. Everytime he spoke to another practitioner on my behalf, he charged me, and I was paying them money for that which I stopped. He never could explain why I would need to wear an appliance (which was meant for temporary use) forever. His wife, who handles most of the business, became very pushy and aggressive toward me, and very unprofessional.

    I have to say, that he was always very kind to me, but obviously did not know what the hell he was doing. The testimonials on their website are all from years ago, and have hardly any new ones. I don't doubt that he has helped some people, but is exhorbtantly expensive and his wife is all aobut the money. It is no mystery why she handles that part of things. Before I went to Spain, I asked to speak to some of the people that worked with him, and they were very odd about handing out information. I did exhange emails with a woman from Italy. They gave me the excuse that people were not into re-living their chronic pain experience and they would try their hardest to find someone. WHen I paid them, it was by money order, and it went into some off-shore bank account.

    A family friend who is a banker said a lot of ex-pats put their money there to avoid taxes. So, how did an intelligent person like myseff get so duped??? I guess the desire to be out of pain. It has been two years since I ended contact with him, and I paid off my debt, but it made my life very diffucult. I have found some people in the U.S. for the pain, and would love to help anyone struggling, but please do not believe this man, no matter how compelling, or how much his website makes sense, He is a charlatan!!! I actually think that his wife is worse than him, as she is so aggressive about the money side of things. They pass themsevels off as being humble vegetarians who meditate everyday, and are living a peaceful life in Spain. They are nice liars. Don't be fooled!!!"
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