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Scalpel work

Discussion in 'Teaching and Learning' started by antonioflores, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. antonioflores

    antonioflores Member

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    First of all, Hi everyone! this my first time here :). I am a 2nd year Bsc podiatry student!
    Does anyone have any ideas how I can practice my debridement skills at home? Some people said to practice on an orange, but it just does not have the same feel as hyperkeratotic lesions.

    thanks and regards!
  2. Trudi

    Trudi Member

    Hi Antonio
    Start with treating yourself. Then family and friends. They will soon tell you if you have done a good job, or if you have missed something.
    Just remember to change your grip of the scalpel, depending on where you are debriding. There is not just 1 holding technique of the scalpel. So long as you are safe to yourself and the patient and your grip is 'confident and stable' you should be ok. ,
    But the best way is have a supervisor or mentor watch your every move for 1 treatment and you'll improve 10 fold.
    Happy debriding
  3. marie parrott

    marie parrott Member

    Hi Antonio , what about using a pigs trotter . Can't hurt anything then.
  4. cjhopper1

    cjhopper1 Active Member

    We used to melt candle wax onto a bit of hypafix and stick it to the foot, caclc,or around a toe so you can practice inter-digital debridement.
  5. Ninja11

    Ninja11 Active Member

    We used pigstrotter with melted candle wax, then progressed onto family members (God love the poor devils!!)
  6. Caz Lenthall

    Caz Lenthall Welcome New Poster

    We were taught at uni to start with a piece of Hypofix and candle wax, & then to buy a piece of pork skin (that you use for crackling) and use that as it has the same texture as human skin and you need to stretch it to achieve the same feeling as debriding human skin. Hope this helps, it did for me.
    Cheers Carolyn
  7. stobban

    stobban Welcome New Poster

    Agree with Trudi, best with friendsand family can't beat the real thing, however wax would help intially. cheers
  8. simonfeet

    simonfeet Active Member

    In the months leading up to real patients , we used to practice on foot size wooden board with pink wax on plaster. Then the fateful day came for the patient. Luckily I had a building labourer with skin like a rhino. Although the thought at the time of burrowing through that lot still , after 35 years in practice, fills me with dread.

    Remember, when you get on to the patients go slowly but surely & make sure you use plenty of skin tension. First thing to remember if you get a haem, do they still call it that in the schools? STOP!!
  9. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Good advice from Trudi; but I was terrible at scalpel work until a tutor suggested I practise debriding the skin of my contralateral hand at the hypothenar prominence; really drives home the 'applying the stretch' principle; amazing what a difference it made; now i'm only half terrible

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