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Have you considered the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp Online, for taking it to the next level? See here for more.
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SCCB 2017

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by nachi, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. nachi

    nachi Member

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    Building on the success of previous meetings, Staffordshire University is pleased to announce the 15th consecutive conference on clinical biomechanics at the University Campus, Stoke on Trent (May 4-6, 2017). This conference provides a forum for information dissemination on lower limb clinical biomechanics and will facilitate discussion on research and case studies in this field via plenary sessions.

    This year's conference will focus on musculoskeletal biomechanics of the lower limb, with sessions dedicated to (1) biomechanics of musculoskeletal injury in sport, (2) biomechanics of the foot at risk (with a focus on Diabetes), (3) footwear biomechanics and orthotics and (4) novel techniques in clinical assessment.

    The keynote speakers will outline the latest developments in the area of pathomechanics and pathology of the foot at risk and highlight the role of technology in understanding biomechanical principles with a focus on diagnosis and management of patients. There will be opportunities for debate and analysis of issues surrounding these topics. There will be pre conference workshops in related areas.

    Call for Abstracts

    Short abstracts are to be submitted by e-mail to sccb@staffs.ac.uk by 15 February 2017
    The text should be limited to two pages of A4, with the first page to include the Title of Presentation, Author(s), Corresponding Author's Name, Address, Telephone number and e-mail address. Second page should include a full abstract with introduction, methodology, results and discussion.

    Acceptance of abstracts will be communicated to the corresponding author by: 28th February, 2017
    We look forward to meeting you here in Stoke on Trent.

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