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Single Use Instruments ?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by caroline barwick-walters, Nov 10, 2011.

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    I have started to use Single Use Instruments, and I believe the law will change for private practitioners to do the same as NHS Pods ?

    Is there anyone out there who uses these instruments

  2. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    I have about twelve sets of top quality instruments. Obviously the scalpel blades are single use.
    The nail nippers are top of the range cantilever type, the blacks files and probes are effective and finely tooled. They do the job to the very best standard, with the advantage that the nippers protect my hands from repetitive strain injury.
    After use they are scrubbed, placed in ultrasound, tHen autoclaved in sterile pouches.
    Apart from the appalling waste of metal, the poor quality of the instruments, and the well documented exploitation, in India and the Phillipines, of the makers of these tools, I wouldn't insult myself or my patients by using them.
    Hope that helps you make up your mind!
  3. Hi there

    Like you I too had my reservations about them too ! Landfile, Pakistans and poor conditions etc . however, whatever we do, you are unable to change the politics of another country, even though they are now one of the richest country in th world ! We are actually giving a "Job" t other wise familes that d not have an income from the main breadwinner, which is usually the Men, and Not the child, I can assure you child labur is never used on these instruments.

    I work within a Dr's Surgery, with over 12 dr's and 4 nurses, THEY ALL USE S/U/ instruments !! Most of the NHS hospitals use single use in theatres, not just the pods !! So whether we like it or not, as Privare Practioners, we will have to follow suit!! Whether we like it or not ???????

    I also have 20 sets of instrumets, that I would spend 2 hours each evening after my busy surgery, scrubbing, cleaning, drying, ultrasonically cleaning them, BEFORE they enter the Autoclave !! In 2 hours I can now see 4 patients, paying £30 per session £120 !!! more, which now pays for my single use instruments each week.

    When the policy of logging ALL instrumets to a printer and your own computer, and all the faffing around of making sure that your instruments are Coded (which they will have to be in 2012), I am sure the Single Use will be seen as the More convenient Instrument to use !!

    The instruments, are of the same standard as the ones i hav been using for the pst 18 years, so no repetiive strain injuries either !

    Good luck Caroline
  4. Jbwheele

    Jbwheele Active Member

    How can you ensure the sterility of the single use instruments, isnt it just a way to throw blame if infection occurs ? Yoyu are still accountable but how do you reassure yourself of sterility in Prepacked gear? youll still need to keep records etc
  5. Dear JbWheele

    Thank you for your posting, as it is always interesting to see what other "Pods" do within our profession, especially from the other side of the world around the world !
    Firstly, the packs of instruments are all "Bar Coded" when they leave the factory.

    I have personally inspected, the company "Disposable Medical Instrument's "Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, factory, and their "Clean" room, where all the instruments go through a thorough hygiene inspection, and packing process, before they go into their Sealed Pouches, with a date of sealing, to the Best By Date, which can be 3 years or 5 years !

    Any come back from patients, if there is a "Infection", then those "Batches" are traceable back to the factory.

    As for "Disposing" these instruments, I am NOt too sure about this ? But have now asked the company to come back to me with this information, so I will come back to you asap !

    The "Quality" of these instruments, is very good, for the purpose of Single Use ! They obviously will not be the same as our "trusted friends,we have had, usually since our own graduation umpteen year ago!

    However, the Disposable Instruments, are of incredable quality for Single Use !! Your patients would never know the difference, and actually like the fact, that I use "Single Use Instruments" on them !! We forget, that patients these days, are very well informed about the chances of MCD, Hepititus, Aids, etc !! so telling them that you Only Use Single Use Instruments, is definately a feather in your cap as a professional .

    When the new law is passed next year, about the "Sterilisation" process to be used for our instruments, it will put the "Fear of God" in most private practitioners, who use their house sinks for sterilisation, and their waste water goes down the same hole as your washing dishes etc!! You will have to build a special utility (which I did many years ago) room, JUST FOR YOUR INSTRUMENTS, the poor domicillary practioner will have terrible problems, and probably if they do not use S/U instruments, now they will be forced to with the new change of "Bi-Law", or put out of business completely.

    Hope this information is enough for you ? I will come back to you with regards to what happens to the instrumets when they have been used !

    Caroline the Pod:
  6. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    Can you tell us where you have found the information to make these statements ?

    as I have no knowledge of any impending legislation covering this area.


    Last edited: Nov 16, 2011

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