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Sorry, cryo again

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by poppet, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. poppet

    poppet Active Member

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    hello all,

    ok, i'm gonna hear you groan at this question as it is not new (having seen after spending some considerable time searching this site:craig:!!!

    ...i am looking at purchasing a hand held cryo device (for tt of vp:deadhorse:!!!) and wanted to see what people have been using and any success/failures/tips etc...?

    looking forward to hearing from you all:D

    kind regards
  2. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  3. Secret Squirrel

    Secret Squirrel Active Member

  4. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi Poppet, if you let us know where you are based? maybe add a flag then you may get more specific suppliers to your area.
    I use a large cylinder that we can get refilled once empty. The truck arrives the following day.
    With this we do not have to spray, we can use cotton bud or similiar and we do not have collateral damage from those that you spray on.

  5. poppet

    poppet Active Member

    brilliant, thanks for the feedback...have now actually been using a device called cryopen.

    pt's are tolerating it well enough
    its easy to use
    it's transportable - so useful for multiple clinics and home visits

    too early to give an indication of its efficacy but will endevour to keep you posted on anecdotal evidence.

    if anyone else is using this device, it would be good to compare notes?

  6. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Hi Poppet,

    It was a while back now but I have used 2 different handheld VP tx; Histofreezer (which in my experience was not particularly good or effective) and also Cryospray which I felt achieved a much more efficent freeze to the tissues and patients usually reported was much more painful (which we all know they secretly like cos it means it must be working...)

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2008
  7. poppet

    poppet Active Member

    hi Ian

    thanks for that. i wonder why the cryospary had more success considering there is only a 2 degree difference? just goes to show how much pt belief has its effect on VP tt success:)

  8. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    I often wondered if there was something in that - patients almost expected treatment to hurt and when it didnt dare I say they looked 'disappointed'
  9. Callus Girl

    Callus Girl Welcome New Poster

    Hi poppet,

    We too are looking for a suitable cryodevice and have tried Cryospray 59 by Cuxson Gerrard which uses tetrafluoroethane at -50C. The product was hopeless, plastic straws provided don't fit into nozzle water/air tight so spray goes everywhere. Sending back to supplier. How have you got on with the cryo pen?:confused:
  10. Hi
    i was about to post a similar question until i saw this thread. just wondering if anyone has had any success with histofreezer or wartner pro cryotherapy? i've just started working at a practice that currently does not treat warts very often,and hence there's no means for cryotherapy currently, so i'm just trying to weigh up my options.

  11. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

  12. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    Most VP I have seen over the past 18 years have been at least 5mm deep and at the PCA 15mm deep. I have used Histo (NBG) The problem is getting deep enough to destroy the viral particles.

    I use Mono and 66% Sal single unit VP
    I also use a 25W Laser for Mosaic under LA
    Tx time is 5 days from application to removal, and yes there is discomfort
    I inform the patient of what they may experience over those 5 days and when the VP is removed in one piece healing time is about 48 hours.

    Don Scott :welcome: +++ :santa:
  13. poppet

    poppet Active Member


    i like the idea of developing a no nonsence response to treatment of VP's, however, pt's are individuals and so i also try to get them concordent with the treatment plan. i have been searching other VP related threads to find out what others are doing to treat this virus. i have found a wide variety of methods.

    Don...i heavily debride VP sites prior to any application of further treatment and am interested in what you see and 'remove' when you remove the VP in one piece. you have many more year experience than i and i am keen to learn more from others experiences.


  14. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    I would next time not to debride the area but mask off the wart and apply chemical. This will allow chemical to penetrate slower. By day 5 the wart will be ready to be removed entact. If I could insert picture from my hard drive I have quite a few from start to finish of treatment. Or I could email you some

    Don Scott
  15. poppet

    poppet Active Member

    pictures would be great...thanks Don...are you able to email them via this site???

  16. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Don,

    To attach a file or photo:

    The information is available on the FAQs area of the Arena. Hope it helps. ;)

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