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Have you considered the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp Online, for taking it to the next level? See here for more.
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South African Podiatrists in "Great Payne!"

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Andrew Clarke, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Andrew Clarke

    Andrew Clarke Member

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    The South African Podiatry Association has just enjoyed one of Craig Payne's Biomechanics Boot Camps! Formin the major part of ou Biennial Congress, we had2 days of mind-bending information and interaction. Including that ever elusive component of much of what we do - EVIDENCE.
    As an older practitioner, I found it really challenging, but to my surprise, this morning, I was down on my knees checking Supination Resistance; STJ transverse position; testing the Windlass mechanism; calculating the Foot Posture Index etc. etc. driving my new biomechanics GTi.
    But you know what? It works! I think Craig has possibly found a treatment for the intellectual constipation that we often suffer from in private practice.
    To be able to look with a different thought paradigm is really stimulating. I understand that the students are a bit phased, but then that should be what the modern student experiences occasionally.
    There is no doubt that whatever your level of podiatric biomechanical expertise the Boot Camp is a must do.
    Andrew Clarke
  2. wokkie

    wokkie Welcome New Poster

    Hi Andrew
    Warren Amler here.......amazing, but I am now including those practical steps we learned from Criag Payne in my biomechanical evaluations too. I am finding them most beneficial too. Just shows ,you're never to old to learn a new trick.
  3. MR NAKE

    MR NAKE Active Member

    i have seen some of the lectures of Graig and they are cool, the most interesing ones are the Kirby's and the American guy's, they have totally revolutionarise biomechanics and its so overwhelming. I would encourage a lot of guys to have a look and encorporate some of these upcoming techniques to help boost their clinical skills.
  4. erindayaram

    erindayaram Welcome New Poster

    He most certainly is the "GREAT PAYNE"!!!
    This was the first lecture of biomechancis that I ENJOYED!!!! Some of the stuff I must admit flew over my head but the rest was fairly easy to grasp!!
    It must be noted that most it made a lot more sense and I finally understand WHY and HOW important it is to get an orthotic device right and I know which BUTTONS to push or PALPATE!!!!

    Really sad that not all the students could be there, this is a lesson well missed!!

    My mind has most cerntainly changed concerning biomechanics, from being scared to I CAN TEST IT AND ITS FUN!!!!!
  5. Andy J

    Andy J Member

    Hello Andrew Clarke,
    I just came across your name on the podiatry arena.
    I was a student of yours in the 80's - Andrew Jardine
    I have been living in Melbourne since 2001. I left JHB in 1999 and spent 2 years working throught UK (waiting for visa), before mirating in 2001. I have recently been working in the research area (2 years) at an Endocrinology Centre, together with some professors. The research involved using low-frequency transcutaneous sensory nerve stimulation to improve sensory nerve function in people with DPN. I am now working in private practice, as well as at a chronic wound clinic at one of the larger hospitals in Melbourne.
    Are you still at the Diabetes Centre in Rosebank?
  6. Andrew Clarke

    Andrew Clarke Member

    Hi Andrew
    Great to see that you finally made it to the 10th Province of South Africa!
    Unfortunately someone keeps leaving the gate to OZ open and we are still losing good young colleagues to emigration!
    I left the CDE in 2001 and started my own indepedent practice at The Kenridge in Parktown - now called the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre. As its name suggests, it's attached to Wits Medical School, where I am an Honorary Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Medicine. I am involved in the Paediatric Rheumatology Clinic at Bara as well.
    Keep well.

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