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Sponsorship to Work and Live in Australia!

Discussion in 'Employment in South Africa' started by AngelaHolland, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. AngelaHolland

    AngelaHolland Active Member

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    Do you have an adventurous spirit and are you keen to live and work in Australia?

    Are you a qualified podiatrist ready for a new challenge?

    This is an attractive job opportunity in rural Queensland. A leading podiatry business is seeking a full time podiatrist for a successful practice located in Mount Isa, North West Queensland. Experience the real Australian outback with its generous and friendly inhabitants. Mount Isa is the bustling centre of this region. The town offers all the amenities and infrastructure, including shopping, entertainment and sports facilities. Mount Isa has a vibrant social life with exciting annual events. There are some fantastic gems to explore in the region around Mount Isa, most just an easy drive away.

    What’s in it for you?
    • A wide variety of interesting podiatry cases, such as sports and biomechanics, surgery, diabetic care, paediatric care, NDIS, DVA, occupational and rehabilitation podiatry, general foot care and home visits.
    • Excellent working conditions.
    • Access to the leading 3D laser scanning technology for the manufacture of orthotics and AFOs.
    • Utilize the latest treatment technology such as microwave therapy for skin lesions & cold laser clinical machinery for onychomycosis.
    • A flexible roster
    • Extensive support from the entire team utilising PracSuite operating system
    • An environment that encourages and enables constant learning, growth and development.
    • An attractive remuneration package to match your experience and qualifications.
    • 5 Weeks annual leave per year.
    • Use of a company car.
    • Flights - 2 domestic return flights to Brisbane or Townsville per year.
    • Reimbursement for AHPRA registration fees and professional indemnity insurance.
    • A fuel, phone and continuing education allowance.
    • Access to the Health Workforce Scholarship Program (HWSP) for up to $10,000 funding towards continued professional development.
    • Good coffee, lasting friendships and a comradery no one can match.
    • Immigration sponsorship and assistance provided.
    What will you do?

    The role will focus on providing a premium client experience to each individual patient, while growing and maintaining a loyal client base. You will need to take initiative, demonstrate excellent communication skills and work cohesively with the podiatry and administration teams to enhance outcomes and achieve business objectives.
    Advance Foot Clinic will mentor you closely to ensure you continue to grow and learn. We focus on bringing out the best in our team members, because we know this will result in the best experience for our patients.
    What do you need?

    • Relative registrations and qualifications.
    • Love people and enjoy adding value to their lives.
    • Be confident, driven and motivated.
    • Have an interest in all aspects of podiatry and a thirst for learning and growth.
    • Thrive in a fast-paced work environment and be able to multitask.
    • Be able to work independently, but also willing to follow direction and take constructive feedback.
    • Have great integrity and a good sense of humour.
    Apply now by emailing your resume and a cover letter to careers@afootc.com.au with the subject “I want to be part of the team!”.

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