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Start up in a GP clinic or allied health clinic?

Discussion in 'Practice Management' started by qua-saunt, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. qua-saunt

    qua-saunt Welcome New Poster

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    Hi all,

    Long time visitor, first time poster. I'm a fairly recent graduate and I've decided to take the plunge to start my own business, however I'm unsure whether to rent a room in an allied health practice or try get into a medical centre with GP's.

    The room I'm currently interested in is in an allied health building near large hospitals and specialists centres in the area. The allied health building is mainly used for counselling but also has a physiotherapist. However I feel if I were in a GP clinic, I would have a steadier stream of referrals (here's hoping).

    The main issue I'm concerned with is how to go about promoting myself in the nearby specialists centres, GP practices, etc, if I were to take the room in the allied health building? I would love some feedback/advice on how many of your approached this issue when you were establishing your businesses.

  2. horseman

    horseman Active Member

    Hi and good luck with your venture.:D

    Before you start get a cup of coffee and a calm state of mind...:morning:

    First you need a business plan, full, complete and realistic. I am too frequently appalled at the naivety of many start up ventures. :eek: Get help with this, Business Link is a good place to start. Also consider groups and business organisations such as the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). GP practices are strictly a business you need to be too to negotiate with them at the start.
    I suspect it will come down to costs of the respective rooms. You are as likely to get referalls from the 'allied to health' as from the GP but may find the patients more amenable to being charged for your services as they will already be paying the AHP. Be realistic about your takings and remember both will be more interested in your money to start with. You will have to earn their respect for them to refer easily. :empathy:
    A final point give some careful consideration to whether you incorporate or go with 'sole trader'. All the private surgeons round here are 'Mr Smith Foot Surgeon Ltd' or 'Ms Jones Podiatrist Ltd' the tax is much less but the paper work is greater.
    It's why we have nice cars and houses...

  3. qua-saunt

    qua-saunt Welcome New Poster

    Thanks for the info Tom!

    I've enrolled to do a short business course and I'm currently working on my business plan. I agree with you about so many pods starting businesses without really thinking about how they're going to keep their businesses going!

    I probably should've mentioned that the clinic is in Melbourne so I don't think I have access to those resources you've posted. But I have been directed to websites to obtain things such as certain licensing, tax requirements, etc.

    I suppose my negotiation skills may need a little tweaking. I look quite young (most people think I'm a student), so that does work against me in some situations. But I suppose starting at a low figure and compromising with them will lead to a better outcome. Also show them I'm no push over! I've done some research and have a fair idea of what is "average" for around the suburb I'm looking at.
    I know establishing myself as a competent podiatrist is the main thing as it will take time for the GP's to put their trust in me, so to speak, for referrals. I guess the positive of not working within a GP clinic may be that I don't "corner" myself into one practice, but rather establish a few avenues of referrals from multiple GP clinics. It might take some time but i suppose it will be better in the long run.

    I'm still debating whether to stay a sole trader or become a company. I need to look into whether I can be one of those people with a nice car and house too :cool:

    Thanks again Tom for the advice
  4. horseman

    horseman Active Member

    Ah, Now I see the flag!!!::D

    Sounds like you have alraedy started on the right track. Hope all goes well:D


  5. ydr 1973

    ydr 1973 Member

    Have you thought of setting up in a pharmacy. That 's what I have done and it seems to be working . I have recently , at the start of the year, I have finally gone it alone after years as working as an associate in other practices and I have not looked back . I have set up from scratch a podiatry practice in a treatment room in a pharmacy. I did wonder if it would be better to set in a gp practice but they are only open generally in the week , Saturdays in private practice are usually the money spinner and already I have got quite a full day of bookings . I did not have any type of business plan really , what I do have is a love for my job and after nearly 20 years of practicing in the Nhs and private practice I know a bit about feet. Advertising and marketing is mainly common
    Sense . Th pharmacy owner i was more than happy for me to use his retail space to advertise , and distribute my literature , I did pay for quite a big sign for the windows. .
    I drafted leaflets which have ben quite successful , I distributed them in cafés , library's , community centres , medical centres door to door . The most important thing has been the website (with SEO ) it definately has bought quite a lot of business in
    There is still a long way to go but I do get a lot of repeat business and recommendations so hopefully I'm doing something right.
    I say go for it , I wish I had done this years ago , it does take a lot of effort and you will be just paying bills for a bit but do what you love and love what you do everything else should hopefully fall into place.

    Good luck
  6. Footpath

    Footpath Member

    LOVE it!, very inspirational THANK YOU

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