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The changing face of MASS Theory?

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by David Wedemeyer, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

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    Given Ed Glaser's past and recent assaults on SALRE, Root biomechanics and any reasonable theory, you have to ask how credible he is. Ed markets very heavily to the chiropractic and physical therapy fields, coincidentally he employs a chiropractor and a physical therapist and coauthors papers with them. Slick marketing strategy or mere coincidence?

    The bottom line is that I feel that he has changed the meaning of the acronym MASS to suit his own needs. You be the judges:


    In 2007 on a podiatry website defined the MASS acronym as meaning;


    Fat Pads, Posts, and the "Tarsal Shelf"
    By Edward Glaser, DPM


    Here MASS is defined as Maximum Arch Subtalar Stabilization
    “Definition of Corrected Position as Opposed to Neutral”

    And now:

    In subsequent years and has Ed has has various rows with others in his field and failed to convince the learned that a) his MASS theory has merit or applies to every foot b) that other theories have no merit and c) that posture as defined by him and his team is meaningful, Ed changed the meaning of the acronym (MASS) to suit his needs. Very clever Ed but your previous musings are preserved by the internet for future reference.

    If you're going to discredit credible theories such as Root and SALRE and construct Straw Man arguments, it probably does not behoove you to focus on the same joint, in this case the STJ. You do what any salesman and shape shifter would do in these circumstances; you change the words that make up the acronym explaining your theory and divert attention away from your previous focus on that very important reference to the Subtalar joint;


    “That is the issue that MASS position theory addresses and it addresses it by restoring supination posture (MASS is an acronym for Maximum Arch Supination Stabilization.”

    Now that he is attacking Kevin Kirby's SALRE research, he has abandoned the STJ and ‘posture’ through supination is his new focus. Note the paradigm shift as he prepared to launch his assault on Kevin’s theory (SALRE) over the years 2007 to current.

    Interesting isn’t it? Apparently Ed makes up his paradigm as he goes along because he saw the folly in addressing the STJ if he was going to disprove the other theories.

    Well which is it Ed, do MASS orthotics address the STJ or the midtarsal joints and why the paradigm shift and change in terminology? You posts are always loquacious Ed and now that may have been your undoing.

    How can anyone find Ed Glaser credible in light of this glaring error and change in terminology and paradigm?
  2. Re: MASS; Is Ed Glaser Making It All Up As He Goes Along?

    " MASS; Is Ed Glaser Making It All Up As He Goes Along? "
    No, he pays a team of staff to help him. ;)
  3. I thought of a couple on the way to work this morning - now of course this could apply to any acronym

    MASS - Midtarsal And Subtatlar Supination

    MASS- Mirrors And Smoke Science , which may be my Favorite

    I had another which had Men and Sodomy but thought better of it-

    I really don´t have any problem with people changing their way of thinking, I do it everyday nearly - sometimes slight adjustments others days bigger. The problem I have with MASS, THETA etc is that these people think that 1 thing is right for all - The answer to all your problems is this and just this alone.

    While if the one person keeps coming up with this one thing and then changing it to now we have the one - seems to reduce the credibility somewhat.
  4. I would be interested to know the thinking behind the change.
  5. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    It is curious isn't it Robert? I don't expect Ed to respond as he would probably like this to go away. Why would you change the meaning of the acronym if you were so certain that your theory was correct and named it accordingly? You wouldn't.
  6. joejared

    joejared Active Member

    Right or wrong, marketing happens even in public opposition to a method or technology. Many, including George W. Bush, mispronounce nuclear, which is causing many dictionaries to have 2 phonetic entries. The fact that the alternative phonetic really relates to botany and not nuclear energy has no bearing on the facts. By opposing a method or technology, indirectly, we're also marketing it. Good or bad press is really good press. No press can be fatal.
  7. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Joe I understand your response but I think you may have missed the point here? That point being that the change in terminology coincides with an ever increasing personal vendetta lofted at another accepted biomechanical theory and its founder.

    Why initially use the term subtalar and then amend it to supination? If the 'theory' behind your product is proven why would you change the terminology if it functions as you profess? You wouldn't.

  8. The point here is that the acronym that Ed created, MASS, previously stood for "Maximal Arch Subtalar Stabilization". However, once Ed and his Sole Support crew realized that they couldn't quite properly discredit the Subtalar Joint Axis Location and Rotational Equilibrium Theory of foot function by calling it only a "Single Axis Theory" if they left "Subtalar" in the MASS acronym, (thus making MASS also a single axis acronym), Ed and the Sole Support crew all had to get together to brainstorm to come up with a new meaning for MASS, "Maximal Arch Supination Stabilization".

    Shameless Self-Promotion is the key phrase here.
  9. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Kevin, obviously you understand the point that I was trying to make.

    You have expressed my thoughts much more cogently than I was able to.

    Thank you
  10. I would still like to hear from Ed.
  11. Ed writing a detailed response to posts on the other thread, and giving lectures over the whole of the US at the same and then being Santa and the thanksgiving turkey for his staff (who all kiss a photo of Ed before they got to sleep at night and thank themselves for working for Sole supports), hanging out with the family, Saving small animals from trees, saving Podiatry from using Science to explain mechanics, drinking too much coffee and not answering questions as only he can ........................

    He will get back to when he has time

    Funny thing why does Ed not use SALRE to explain how a MASS device works.
  12. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Ed and his staff have had nearly two weeks to answer this question Michael. in fact he has posted several times since on other threads. As with all postings from Ed and his staff, posts are made not as they 'have time' but they appear to prefer to answer those questions which suit their agenda. This question does not.

    The biomechanics world awaits your explanation Ed...
  13. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    In another thread Ed Glaser makes a very confusing statement that proves that he uses obfuscation in promoting his lab and that he vacillates, playing Devil's advocate while completely ignoring scientific fact and the superior work of others:


    Ed appears to just enjoy playing a game called vacillation and changes terminology to suit his bottom line. Keep in mind that he has never provided any real science or quality studies to prove his fatuous ideations............
  14. joejared

    joejared Active Member

    A couple years ago, the word of the day was algorithm This year, I've seen a word that will probably be abused as well, axiomatic. Naturally, you'll have to dig deep to see if the theory is based on even one axiom.
  15. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Ed Glaser answered my query on another thread here:


  16. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member


    I really do appreciate you responding but after nearly two weeks I had hoped for a more convincing defense, although I wasn’t holding my breath. Personally I feel that you’ve been caught in the most damning prevarication to date with this revelation.

    You previously named the acronym describing your casting position with reference to the subtalar joint. You then exchanged the word subtalar with supination, we have already established that.

    I find it very compelling that you on the one hand scrutinize a theory (SALRE) as a single axis theory (regarding the subtalar joint) and on the other hand name your casting position, upon which your company was built, after the same singular axis.

    You then change the name (and I would really like to know precisely when this was done Ed, as I am sure others would as well) to reflect as you claim “our new understanding” with regard to supination about the subtalar joint, correct?

    So what changed Ed? The new wording still reflects supination about the SUBTALAR joint so in effect you are addressing the very same singular axis that you propose so vehemently is meaningless in SALRE!

    Your “new understanding” was apparently meaningless as you are still addressing the precise same axis that you are deriding in other threads (btw how did that work out for you)? This is clearly artifice and anyone reading this and following the other threads will see this.

    I propose that the only reason that you made the bait and switch with terminology was a clever obfuscation to divert attention away from your monumental error in naming your casting method after a joint axis which would later prove inconvenient attached to your product. Once you began attacking relevant and coherent theories in your usual straw man fashion, the name was a liability. I highly doubt that you’re the one who figured it out either; I’m guessing one of your euphorically employed staff realized the error and suggested the change.

    Nice try Ed but your explanation doesn’t pass the smell test. MASSSS is an overly supinated, foam-box casting method and not a theory, period. You merely propose that it is to give that illusion for profit. The name is clearly derived from the same axis that you now want to divert attention away from, period.

    This ambiguity is the most sincere form of the definition of the word hypocrite. Your vacillation in terminology and response to it are testimony to this.

    In the famous words of Baltasar Gracian:

    Things are seldom what they seem, and ignorance, which sees no deeper than the bark, often turns to disillusion when it penetrates into things. In all things, deceit arrives first, dragging fools behind it in endless vulgarity. Truth is always late, always last to arrive, limping along with Time. Prudent people save one of their ears for truth, thanking their common mother, Nature, for giving them two. Deceit is superficial, and superficial people are quick to run into her. Discernment lives hidden away in retirement, so as to be more esteemed by the wise and the discreet.
  17. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Still waiting Ed....tick....tock....
  18. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member

    I will not participate in this thread because it is a silly waste of time....I told you why I changed the acronym....I don't care what you think. I have no time to waste on BS like this. David, I get the point. You are loyal as a dog....good for you. But this is just childish crap.....so go on blasting me all you want...I will pay no attention.

  19. joejared

    joejared Active Member

    I didn't miss the point. I categorized it. It's just another marketing term. It's less costly to change the meaning of an acronym than to come up with a new one.
  20. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Joe, Ed claims that the change did not affect the meaning:

    "Originally Posted by EdGlaser View Post
    We changed the wording because we did not want to mislead the practitioner into concerning themselves with a singular axis but the meaning remains the same."

    This is where is gets tricky because if that is true then he is assailing SALRE based on his assertion that it is a single axis theory of the STJ. If the original meaning of the MASS acronym included the word 'subtalar' then wouldn't that indicate Ed intended that the acronym addressed the same joint axis or is Ed allowed to be a hypocrite and imprecise when he demands otherwise of everyone else?

    When then did the 'subtalar' in the MASS acronym become 'supination' and why? Marketing doesn't cover it Joe, marketing would be to change the entire name once Ed and his crew discovered their "new understanding" or else it would just appear as it does now, a convenient dodge for an inconvenient mistake.
  21. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    You cant have it both ways Ed, you either made a huge error in renaming your casting position and didn't look far enough ahead to see that:

    1) one day you and your minions would be denigrating other theories based on precisely the same joint that previously was chosen for its functional importance, an importance strong enough to be referenced in the name you chose for your casting position.


    2) You're just not quite as bright as you want people to assume and someone made an egregious mistake in thinking that no one would catch it. The cat is out of the bag.

    Judging by the posters that have expressed their appreciation for this thread Ed, it is reasonable to assume that others are catching on to the mistake.

    Supination about what joint I ask again? Why the very subtle change in name if the meaning is "the same"? You can slough this off and play victim but anyone who has witnessed your interaction here would probably agree that a more exhaustive examination of your duplicitous, self-serving bull**** is long overdue Ed.

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