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The first sub-four minute mile (Today in History!)

Discussion in 'Break Room' started by admin, May 8, 2012.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    As well as the Day in history thread, that has not missed a day since 6th April 2008, here is an extra one. Roger Bannister breaks the 4min mile barrier:

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2016
  2. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    And he believed his subsequent work as a neurologist was far more important than running the world's first 4 minute mile - do athletes hold that perspective today?

    A final question - why did he not do it in bare feet - it's better, you know!

    Last edited: May 8, 2012
  3. DTT

    DTT Well-Known Member

    I remember that happening:wacko:
    and it all seems like only yesterday:boohoo:

  4. Even more interesting is the fact that an Australian runner, John Landy, who was running in that same race with Bannister and had posted faster times in the mile than Bannister, went running the night before the big race while barefoot, accidentally stepped on some glass, lacerated his foot, got 4 stitches, and ran the race anyway the next day with a lacerated plantar foot.

    Therefore, John Landy's decision to run barefoot probably cost him from being proclaimed, instead of Roger Bannister, as the very first four minute miler. And now you know the rest of the story.

  5. bfullem

    bfullem Welcome New Poster

    Kevin, you are mixing up races. Landy was not in the race when Bannister went sub 4 for the first time. They raced in the Commonwealth Games in Vancouver later that year after Landy had run 3:57 a month after Bannister. It was billed the race of the Century and Bannister prevailed in that one, which I think was Sir Roger's last competition.

    There are two great books about this event- one is Bannister's Autobiography and a newer book is The Perfect Mile which chronicles the quest by Landy, Bannister and American Wes Santee (who may have been the first if not for the ineptitude and corruption of the AAU officials).

    Brian W. Fullem, DPM
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    Four-minute mile

    Blue plaque recording the first ever sub-four-minute mile run by Roger Bannister on 6 May 1954 at Oxford University's Iffley Road Track.

    In the sport of athletics, a four-minute mile means completing a mile run (1,760 yards, or 1,609.344 metres) in less than four minutes. It was first achieved in 1954 by Roger Bannister in 3:59.4.[1] The "four-minute barrier" has since been broken by many male athletes, and is now the standard of all male professional middle distance runners. In the last 50 years the mile record has been lowered by almost 17 seconds, and currently stands at 3:43.13.[2] Running a mile in four minutes translates to a speed of 15 miles per hour (24.14 km/h, or 2:29.13 per kilometre, or 14.91 seconds per 100 metres)[3].

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  8. Brian:

    Thanks for setting me straight.

    And, Brian, a big welcome to Podiatry Arena.:welcome:

    Your contributions are always welcome!
  9. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member


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