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The rise of recruiters in allied health

Discussion in 'Practice Management' started by Steve5572, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Steve5572

    Steve5572 Active Member

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    Is anyone else noticing recruitments agencies are starting to infiltrate and compromise the job market?

    I run an allied health clinic, we are regularly hiring podiatry and physiotherapy staff.

    Over the past 18 months i have noticed the number of applicant applying to job ads are decreasing while the number of recruiters contacting me telling me they have a number of candidates suitable for the position is on the rise.

    The recruitments agencies are charging anywhere from $6000 - $12,000 for a candidate, with no guarantee the candidate will stay longer then 3 months.

    Anyone else seen a change to the job market?'

    Have you used a recruiter to employ or find a job? I'd love to know why a podiatrist would want to use a recruiter. What s the benefit to them? Can they see the obvious down side! the recruitment fee has to come from somewhere and the business can't absorb it all.


  2. murripod

    murripod Member

    I think recruiters or some sort of middle man is the logical step forward in allied health in particular. I think at the moment the advantage is firmly in the employers favour despite the employee having a lot to offer. Not sure why an In demand highly educated professional has to wait at the mercy of employees to advertise a job that may or may not suit both parties.
    The ability to provide what both parties are looking for into a database surely makes the process more fair
  3. Steve5572

    Steve5572 Active Member

    I agree that an employee should not have to be at the mercy of an employer. Or vice versa, the relationship should be mutually beneficial.

    The process of looking for a job can sometimes be tedious, we have all been there before but your hardly at the mercy of an employer, thats a little over the top. What i will say is that any candidate willing to research and take the basic steps to contact an employer is far more appealing that any candidate who needs a recruiter.

    My issue with recruiters (and so should employees) is they are taking a large slice of the pie for doing very little and with no guarantee of the candidate staying more then a few months. As an employee when you use a recruiter you are effectively taking a 5-10% pay cut, where is the sense in that.

    Murripod have you or do you work for a recruitment agency? or are you a podiatrist?
  4. murripod

    murripod Member

    Absolutely can see where you're coming from. Im a podiatrist but have had some experience with recruiters and going off my own and colleagues experiences. I think they have an especially important roll in locum situations or situations where either party is looking to fill a void relatively quickly.
    I see its potential benefit more as a match maker or middleman for lack of a better term to bring 2 parties together who have common goals and terms etc. Its unfornuate theyre fees are what they are and its not necessarily a great service for either party at the moment but i think it has great potential to change. Correct me if im wrong but it seems a lot easier for an employer to decide what theyre wanting and develop a framework where they whack together an add and then let the employee market sort itself out and filter through to the point where those who are willing to work in their framework then plead their case.
  5. Steve5572

    Steve5572 Active Member

    I agree with you in regards to locum services. HR companies are very important when trying to cover a temporary position without much notice. They could really help in the recruitment of candidates long term as well if they structured there fee's differently.

    At present the fee is all based on placement. There is no incentive for the candidate or the recruiter to stay long term, so all the financial risk is placed on the employer. This may be ok for hospitals or large aged care companies but for small business its a deal breaker.

    It is easier for a employer to use a recruitment agency however there are more financial risks. In my opinion the risk reward balance is tipped to far towards the recruiter
  6. murripod

    murripod Member

    Agreed its definitely in favor of the recruiter at the moment but i still think they serve a very useful purpose and yes the absurbarant fees may be compromising their usefulness at the moment but in the future i think some sort of more streamlined middleman is the way forward for employees and employers aligning
  7. k.stewart

    k.stewart Member

    What part of the world are you in? Here in NZ I'm not sure we have any health recruiters for podiatry?
  8. Steve5572

    Steve5572 Active Member

    Melbourne, Australia

    The recruiters generally focus on medical, nursing and allied health not podiatry specifically

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