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Uncompensated rearfoot varus.Really exists??

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Ivan M., Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Ivan M.

    Ivan M. Active Member

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    Do you think that is possible to have an uncompensated rearfoot varus with:

    Foot maximally pronated
    Negative resistence test of supination
    Overload at the medial column of the foot
    Plantar fascitis
    Hallux limitus
    RPCA : 3 inverted

    From my viewpoint, is easier to understand the mechanics of the foot from Kirby´s and Craig views that some archaics Root´s concepts.What do you think?
    Do you believe that is ok talking about NCRV??

    Thanks :)
    PS:Sorry for my english!!
  2. I think that without Root you wouldn't have a definition of rearfoot varus- so we wouldn't be able to discuss this.

    "The king is dead
    And long live the people who aim above
    All the simple stuff never understood
    Like right from bad and wrong from good" Bunnymen

    For those who've known me for some time- have I mellowed with age and father-hood or what? Cheers to Jeff for all those crazy debates on the old podiatry mailbase.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2007
  3. efuller

    efuller MVP

    It is highly unlikely that the above foot has an uncompensated varus.

    Because of the measurement error and lack of measurement of MTJ range of motion you cannot add the measurements proposed by Root, Orien, and Weed cannot predict load under the foot. However, they do illustrate an important concept. The concept is illustrated by a measurement that I call maximum eversion height. Have the patient stand and ask them to evert your foot. John Weed was aware of this as he taught that you should try to place your fingers under the lateral forefoot. Some feet do not have range of motion to lift the lateral forefoot off of the ground without moving the whole lower leg. Other feet do have range of motion to do this.

    Feet with a high medial load will tend to have more eversion range of motion available. However, it may be available but very small.


  4. Ivan M.

    Ivan M. Active Member

    Hi Eric!
    I agree with you that the foot I described did not have an uncompensated varus. But a professor said me that I was wrong when I diagnosted a patient as fascial foot.Even though, I try to convince him arguing that the foot had an overload at the medial column and negative resitance test, but he didn´t accept my reasons.
    Personally, I think some Root´s concepts (I don´t want to take the credit away from his statements, as he was one of the parents of modern podiatry) cannot be explained by the laws of the physics, and this is the reason why I don´t like so much the vast majority of Root´s affirmations.
    I´m very embarrased!!

    Thank you so much.

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