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which autoclave did you buy?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by michele bevis, May 20, 2010.

  1. michele bevis

    michele bevis Member

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    I'm into a bit of retail therapy and decided on an autoclave.

    So via scanning the wonderful web I've decided I don't know what's essential.

    I have discovered that podiatrists use the S series, although I don't know what differentiates these from the N's and B's in function.

    I thought that vertical placement of instrument packages was better than horizontal for less contact on the tray so therefore it dries in the cycle adequately. but does it truly matter?

    there are external and internal printers available and I wondered if there is a requirement to meet ie to check each and every cycle has met its target parametres.
    and then there seems to be the option to upload the information directly to a computer. surely computer is better?

    Although there are class 6 indicator strips which are great to add to client records to show that the cycle met the required standards. but if I had a printer would class 4 strips be adequate enough? does one.... (me)... need to do both?

    And yearly autoclave maintenance is essential.

    Apart from the wanting to know the current legal requirements (until now, CSSD has done it for me!) what is your preference?

    Cominox- 'seem' popular?

    feeling a little overwhelmed. if they were like cars I'd probably go for the metallic green one that is economical on petrol.

    any tips?:craig:
    thanks michele

    perhaps, there's a good 2nd hand one to buy?`
  2. Michele There is a group of threads about Autoclaves.

    I can´t find them at the moment I´m sure Admin 2 will post them up soon.

    Over the last year Melag seems to be the go. I´ve got one great machine with printer and water filter etc and I´m about to get my machine maintained and check for it yearly service.

    I´m sure Briggate or Melag folks in Oz will be able to give all the ins and outs maybe 2nd hand machines as well. There maybe a lease with buy at the end of lease arrangement which will help take away the 1 off payment.
    Hope that helps
  3. dyfoot

    dyfoot Active Member

    I have recently purchased a Melag 29vs+ and am very happy with it!

    It has an external flash card which we download to the pc and a toast rack in it to keep the pouches vertical for better separation and drying.

    Hope this helps a little.


    Brad Randazzo
  4. Steam Guru

    Steam Guru Active Member

    If there are a few votes for it, I can put together a small table of feature comparisons for the "common " brands in Aust. Cominox, Melag, Mocom (alphabetical order). Also does anyone want a short article about the pros / cons of N, S (non vac) , S (vac) & B class units ??

    Post a vote & if theres more than a few yes's I 'll put it together
  5. quirkyfoot

    quirkyfoot Active Member

    Very happy with my Melag Euroclav 23 S+ , Cheers
  6. Steam Guru

    Steam Guru Active Member

    Note: the newer 23S+ (& 23VS+) units have a 1000W heater for drying, the older units(23S/VS) are 300W, this makes it a little more important to keep the bags on edge, in a rack in the older ones.
    (Aust. Standards say this is how it should always be done anyway).
    If you have the older series, make sure tech sets "TMS" drying 'on".

    Regardless, people seem a little confused betwee the 23S & 23VS, asking if the "prevac" one has better drying.
    In fact, the 23S still has a pump.
    It uses POSITIVE pressure air drying, where the chamber , while heating, gets pumped full of air sucked in through the back air filter & it collects moisture which is then expelled along with the air.

    The air removal during the preceeding sterilize phase is by Positive pressure 'fractionation' (Pressure-release-pressure-release etc) .

    The 23VS (vac) model does 1 vac pulse at the start, then right up to the end of sterilize behaves almost exactly like the 23S !!..

    When it goes to drying, guess what ? Again, it uses POSITIVE pressure (not vacuum) for most of the drying phase. (there is a period of negative pressure, but whether it improves the drying is debateable)....
    The most important things are:
    1. Bags on edge
    2. Drying options correctly set (you really do need a trained Melag Tech)
    3. Check your air filter. If your service has been done properly, that filter should have been changed (generally annually) . It has a date code like 09/036 (2009 Batch 36). If it shows 04/123 then it hasnt been changed since 2004, find a new service company !!!!. Air (needed for drying) doesnt flow well through a dusty , dirty filter.............

    Mealgs, set up well, dry well reagrdless of the model. The other thing to bear in mind (check the brochures) is that the S & VS units have quite different load weight limits ...... (The VS is more capable of handling large or porous loads)

  7. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

    I have an enigma vacuum autoclave and although i am happy enough with the machine the company who sold it to my supplier are the only company (that i can find) that can service and supply parts for it. They are terrible to deal with and on top of a very expensive service charge want another £150.00 + vat to check the safety valve and write a certificate. I dont know if any other UK pods have had a similar experience eith Excel. With Hindsight (ha ha) i wish i had bought the Little Sister vacuum autoclave as the company that services those (MES) are absolutely terrific. I have not heard of the autoclaves you name above and wonder if they are available in the UK?
  8. spot

    spot Welcome New Poster

    hi Michele
    have a melag 23 V-S here, and have been very happy with it....a lot better than what we used at Prahran.
    hope all goes well up north
  9. corby34

    corby34 Member

    are the melag models available in the uk.cheers
  10. beachfeet

    beachfeet Welcome New Poster

    I am also looking at starting up a practice for myself and am weighing up set up costs. I was hoping to buy an autoclave used that has a complete service history. Has anyone got a tuttnauer 2540 EK model autoclave. Have you had any problems with the machine, parts/servicing expenses or troubles with the drying time?
  11. scalikeet

    scalikeet Member

    So I have decided from these posts that the melag is the way to go ! So am i correct in saying that the Only difference between the 29 vs and 23 vs is the chamber length ? If so , surely that shorter 29vs is suitable for podiatry practices ? I assume the smaller unit is cheaper ?
    Also ( for those who have them ) do u purchase the card readers separately ? And what's the pros and cons ?
    Anything else I should be aware of ?

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