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Which Podiatry UK undergraduate course?

Discussion in 'Teaching and Learning' started by Feets of strength, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. cjhopper1

    cjhopper1 Active Member


    Yes we had several session dissection different area's in the afternoon following on from the lecture the previous week.
    In the third year we go back to Leicester dissection room, but unfortunately only for one day, as you say this will be useful to consolidate our learning, in particular it will be useful for revising the nerve for ankle blocks etc. I have spoken to students from other universities who do not get the opportunity to dissect at all :-(

  2. SianRees

    SianRees Welcome New Poster

    Hiya, I'm in my 3rd yr at Plymouth and love it. I find all the staff very knowledgeable and helpful. They know their stuff and if you ever need help their at the end of an email, and usually reply that day. Hope that helps.

    Good Luck!!

  3. BestyPod

    BestyPod Active Member

    Hi Feets of strength,

    I'm currently in my 2nd year at Northampton & would highly recommend it!
    I'm a born and bred Northamptonian so you may think I'm a little bias, however it was always my number 1 choice for a uni, so much so that I didn't even bother applying for anywhere else, quite simply for the course content and their reputation.
    If you have any questions I'd be quite happy to answer them.

    Good luck in making you decision.

  4. BestyPod

    BestyPod Active Member

    Hey Colin,

    Not just me having a nosy on here then. When are you going back to Leicester? I loved those sessions!!

  5. jjgreen

    jjgreen Welcome New Poster

    Hello all! I have just signed up to this very helpful website and desperately need some advice form you guys. I am 26 yrs old and a qualified Osteopath. I now would love to study podiatry this coming september (so need to get my skates on with applying!). I am from Brighton and have just returned to live here after 6 years living in Oxford and London. So naturally Brighton Uni would be the top of my list , and it is. Especially with the great reputation it has. However, My funds are extremely limited so I would need to get a little oart time job to fund myself through the three years at uni. I emailed Brighton university asking how many days we are expected to be in during the week to see if I could indeed get a job a couple of days a week.
    As the other universities like East London and Southampton state on-line that they are a three day a week course (which would be perfect) Obviously during block placements it would be more.
    The response i got from Brighton was " as this is a full time course we would expect you to come in any day of the week and is typically 9-5" This is a fair response and I do understand that this is a full time course and priority is to be available when needed. However, it is still a little vague and it is such an important thing to find out as me being able to fund myself is the only thing standing between me and applying right now!
    So after that long winded, around the houses story. My question is: Has anyone studied Podiatry at Brighton Uni and know how many days you attended during the week? and did anyone else work part time whilst at uni here?
    Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks, JJ
  6. cjhopper1

    cjhopper1 Active Member

    I am the rep for Northampton University at the College of Podiatrist Student Association, each university's school of podiatry has a rep. If you email me at hoppercj@aol.com I will forward your email to the student representative for Brighton University and they can answer your questions.

    3rd Yr Student
  7. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Got enough hits yet, Mike?

    Please stop copying `n pasting posters comments in a poor attempt to get us to look at your link.

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