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Which Practice Management Software? - All clinic software developers: Post here

Discussion in 'Practice Management' started by björn, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. björn

    björn Active Member

    Members do not see these Ads. Sign Up.
    I'm not really looking for any right now, but have been getting annoyed (yes, I know I annoy easily!) by the "I'm Lucy from the Sky With Diamonds medical software- It can do all sorts of fancy stuff and I suggest you have a look it at it" in nearly every thread where there is a hint of someone discussing EMR!

    All developers, sales people from Clinic software: Please post here. Maybe a blurb, a link and then if you all want to take the gloves off - go nuts.

    For the record: I use MacPractice. It's good for my needs, but has its shortcomings - especially for Australian users and the flexibilty when compared to cloud based softwares implementing change is probably not quite there.
  2. Hi Bjorn,

    Thank you for this opportunity and I completely understand why you have created this thread. I am a physiotherapist of 15 years and have 2 pods that work in my practice. I understand the need for CPD and why this forum is important for that.

    So that said I am from Nookal, a web-based PMS, I have developed if with Jamie (IT guy) and Shannon (accountant) so it covers all aspects of the allied health business - clinical notes, appointments and accounts. We have a 1 month free trial and start from only $55/month.

    I'm not great at sales (being a practitioner) so if you would like to email me (darrenr@nookal.com) I would love to show you around the software. I can also promise that we will listen to our customers and are alway improving our product (we have an ipad/tablet version coming in the next 1-2 months).

  3. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    Product: Cliniko - Completely web-based and used by thousands around the world.

    Website: http://www.cliniko.com

    Sales Pitch: It's really great, we are friendly, our customers love it and you can start a 30-day free trial right from our website in just 60 seconds.
  4. KableFransen

    KableFransen Member

    Hello everyone.

    I've seen quite a few Podiatrists around town using these guys (www.intracore.com.au/).
  5. podored

    podored Welcome New Poster

    Hi björn and friends,

    I work at PodoRed.com (www.podored.com). Our program works "in the cloud" and everybody can try it 30 days for free (after the first month, you can get PodoRed for just $16/month and you can buy additional modules).

    You can find additional information on the website and of course, you can ask me any doubt you may have about PodoRed.
  6. Zac

    Zac Active Member

    I still keep an eye on the Cloud based PMS as I see the benefit of them. Are there Pods on PA who are using them? If so, what do you do in managing things like Medicare processing through HICAPS as I believe this is not a function of Cloud based PMS. Many practices (incl. mine) would have many Medicare patients & so this seems to be a negative still to swap over to this technology.

    Keen to hear from both Pods & software providers thoughts on how to manage this.
  7. Bob Bond

    Bob Bond Member

    You might also want a take a look at WriteUpp

    Simple, cloud-based practice management software. Doesn't do everything under the sun but if you're a small practice it will likely meet your needs. You can take a free 30-day trial and subscriptions start from £14.95/month
  8. Camo

    Camo Member

  9. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    I can only speak for Cliniko and not systems in general. You can see a summary of our security here http://www.cliniko.com/security.

    Specifically regarding encryption, we use a combination of encryption methods for our data. We use HTTPS 256-bit encryption for data transfer (between client and server) and we use server side encryption for storage of information. We also have client side encryption used when storing information on the client computers (eg. we cache treatment notes you are currently writing locally in case you forget to save, so you can recover them, these are encrypted on the client but with keys stored on the server).

    I can provide more information if you have any specific questions, but I think the only thing I can say general is that cloud computing and web based systems are not inherently safe or unsafe. It depends on the implementation of the system, basically it's up to the vendor. You can have very safe cloud systems, or you can have very unsafe ones (no differnet to non-cloud solutions).

    There are so many aspects to securing information, encryption is just one small piece of this. The tough part is that you are only as strong as your weakest link, just one vulnerability is all that is required to compromise a system, so the vendor really needs to make security a focus.
  10. Camo

    Camo Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    Was checking out Cliniko the other day however I didnt see any intergration with Hicaps/Medicare ? Is this on the table ?
  11. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    HICAPS we don't have plans for currently as they don't support web-based systems (or Mac). If that changes we're keen.

    As for Medicare, we have started the process with them however we're having a lot of difficulty as they don't really support cloud based systems like ours. It means we have a lot of workarounds to do to get it operational (notably, I am referring to true cloud computing systems as opposed to just web-based). We will get there, but I don't have an estimated timeframe for it yet.

  12. Zac

    Zac Active Member

    I have looked into Cloud a bit & highlighted to some providers that unless there is a work-around for Medicare, it's not an option for us (& I would think many). With our current PMS everything is managed from the PC & you dont have to input any referrer details into the EFTPOS/HICAPS machine for Medicare patients. To then go to Cloud & have to start inputting that info for every patient would be a big increase in time for staff. Many things to like about Cloud but still some big drawbacks for me.
  13. Camo

    Camo Member

    Thanks for the feedback Joel appreciate your honesty.

    I am now looking at Filemaker Pro as a stand alone and will look at getting some custom apps made.


  14. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    I'd highly recommend an existing system if you can find one that meets your needs. I talk to a lot of people that have regretted going down the Filemaker Pro path. I obviously feel like Cliniko is the best out there, but I also think many of our competitors would beat out Filemaker Pro.

  15. Mediclinic Software

    Mediclinic Software Active Member

    Hi Camo, I would agree with Joel on the safety aspect of software. NOTHING is totally safe. Your servers in your clinic could be stolen or damaged. DATA GONE. Cloud can be hacked - look at Google in China and Apple recently. HACKED. As for features we all offer different things to suit differing needs.

    Clinko is a great Booking system. We offer Medciare and DVA Online Claiming integrated paid to your bank account.

    We all offer the features where you DO NOT NEED any servers or infrastructure. In one week you can also take credit cards through our software at competitive rates so there goes your need for an EFTPOS terminal.

    As Joel said and I will back him up 100% HICAPS is so far behind in technology because the actual Health Funds will not improve their software to integrate to Web based or Cloud systems. It is not us vendors but the funds holding you back. And you all know how unreliable those terminals are!

    Really, you must also consider safety in various aspects. Who wants your data? Really who would? And do you think your paper is any safer? What is to say some notes do not get out in your garbage bin and end up in the news? Your data is probably 1 million times safer on the servers of the various vendors.

    As to going with a smaller operation (vendor) THINK again as to who will support the software into the future?

    We were all small operators once but we are now a multi national company (not huge) but big enough to keep you safe for decades to come
  16. Footpath

    Footpath Member

    Alot of the input about practise management systems (PMS) is coming from overseas users, typically I have seen or worked for pods and physios who have use gensolve or Houston , but there's very little mentioned on here through nz pods? What are the preferred PMS for nz users please? I'm looming at swapping from paper to digital. Thanks
  17. Mediclinic Software

    Mediclinic Software Active Member

    HI Footpath.

    In New Zealand do you have the same Systems as our Australian Government for Allied Health whereas the Health System allows for some Allied Health visits to be funded?

    If so we can help and if not we can also help and would appreciate you looking at what we can offer
  18. JaneyS

    JaneyS Welcome New Poster

    Hello björn,

    I answered a similar post yesterday that i saw in this forum about using Mystro in my business.

    Feel free to have a read if you like :)

  19. summittech12

    summittech12 Welcome New Poster

    I prefer using ‘Doctors and Clinic Management Software’ by Summit Planners Technology. Apart from being best for doctors with small practices, it also works efficiently for the bigger health facilities.

    Features like patient record management it efficiently handles drugs and inventory, patient appointments and scheduling as well as electronic prescriptions management. This EMS for health practitioners is integrated with a set of unique features and software modules that empower the doctors and medical professionals to manage their respective health care units optimally.

    P.S. They have exceptionally good customer support system. Visitors can directly chat with one of the representatives of the company leading to precise communication and instant resolution of doubts.
  20. HJobling

    HJobling Member

    Tynedale Computers are a family run business based in the North East of England.
    Private Practice Management System (PPMS) is our most popular product.
    PPMS Podiatry not only manages your Patient Record Cards, Appointments, Treatment Notes and accounting needs, it also provides patient recalls and text messaging reminders.

    Developed alongside Podiatrists, the Podiatry version of PPMS includes Dorsal and Plantar diagrams, which can be used to automatically create treatment notes. There is also a separate module for Any Qualified Provider. Assessment templates such as biomechanics are included, but it is easy to customise and add your own assessments.

    PPMS is available on Windows and the Apple Mac (OSX). Our Apple Mac version was written specifically for the Mac without the need to boot up into Windows.
    Cloud hosting is available but not necessary. A web based version of PPMS is in development and due for release early 2016.

    I'm unable to post links but check out our website / Facebook Page / LinkedIn !
    Just google Tynedale Computers!
    We offer two months free rental of PPMS, including installation help, one2one online training and full telephone support. After the two months if its not for you, its not a problem there are no obligations.
  21. Zac

    Zac Active Member

    Are there any further updates on Cliniko connecting with HICAPS/Medicare/DVA? If not, are there workarounds for this so you can still use Cliniko but some additional software?
  22. Mediclinic Software

    Mediclinic Software Active Member

    Hi Zac we have been quiet for a LONG TIME as we have been busy setting up offices overseas as well.

    TYRO PAYMENTS will be live within weeks in our system and we already have DVA and Medicare ONLINE claiming integrated witrh some really slick features. In another week all payments and rejections and card updates will be AUTOMATED.

    We are about to finalise SECURE SENDING of Medical reports and our TO DO LIST is being done and making this totally USER friendly and one which acts as a diary, reminder, follow up and all sorts of recall to make life faster and easier in running a business.

    We also have so many other features I cant remember them all.

    We are owned by a software and IT company and and investment company who took our company over about 2 years ago and they are serious about making our product the STAND OUT Practice management company to support business swell into the years ahead without the worry of retiring owners.
  23. Zac

    Zac Active Member

    Thanks. Sorry I didn't catch your name?
  24. Mediclinic Software

    Mediclinic Software Active Member

    Oh yes sorry, there are a few of us but you can ask for Fernan or Chris or Lester Or Nik or Jim .. hahahah We are a few of the people looking here who can help you with anything

    We are about to RADICALLY update our website with more info and if there is ANYTHING specific you would like email us at info@mediclinic.com.au
  25. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    First just for clarity, that response above me here is not someone from Cliniko.

    We don't currently have plans to integrate with HICAPS. With HICAPS, you can enter the HICAPS amount into the payment screen in Cliniko. It's not as convenient, but most our customers use HICAPS with Cliniko in this way and I believe it's not a problem.

    As for Medicare/DVA, we do want to integrate with it, but it's not something we'll be working on too soon, we have a bunch of other things ahead of it. This can be a problem for people that do a lot of Medicare/DVA claims. I know we do have many customers doing them, but I'm not sure how they go about it. If interested, you could post a question on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cliniko to ask customers what workarounds they use.

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2016
  26. gdenbyUK

    gdenbyUK Active Member

    My sole practitioner general podiatry business has been using cloud-based PracticePal in the UK for over six years. It is a well established and stable patient records system over an encrypted SSL link. It produces email / SMS reminders and allows uploading of digital photographs, which I use with a 32 inch flat screen display on the wall. This helps to discuss beneath-the-feet problems with clients (record the infections they are bringing to you!) and assists with client education and their motivation (warts and fungal nails). There is no direct insurance provider connectivity that I am aware of (not required in the UK).

    For a single clinical user and a single receptionist with self-configurable client forms PracticePal costs GBP 41 monthly inc VAT . You can download a backup SQL copy of your data (you own it!) and a spreadsheet list of all clients (with most recent and next treatment dates) on demand. The former is a must (just in case your provider 'disappears'), the latter is great for a Christmas list of contacts. Clinico (Aussie based) might be a viable option, if only they could see the sense in importing a flat file (XLS) of my decade of digital client treatments (just a too-simplistic stock list when I last looked into it)!
  27. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    Would you mind showing me what that XLS file looks like? If you're happy to, can email me a example at joel@cliniko.com.
  28. JPodAustralia

    JPodAustralia Welcome New Poster

    Hi All,
    I'm starting up a new pod business and I'm just wondering if any other Pods use HealthKit as their PMS? Any comments or reviews?
    It looks simple to use, has lots of features and is free unless you use it for sms reminders (22c)and processing electronic payments and medicare/dva rebates which attract a fee. You can use a separate merchant terminal for this which I am planning to do anyway.
    Any thoughts from other pods?
  29. Mediclinic Software

    Mediclinic Software Active Member

    Hello everyone and it is with great pleasure we have now got TYRO Payments as a partner to our platform making your allied health and credit and debit card payments more easily integrated to your practice software - Mediclinic Software of course.

    Seamless less key strokes and yes it works . No more telephone line drop outs.
    INSTANT confirmation
    LESS hassle

    ITS FINALLY HERE - a solution man of you have cried for help so we listened
  30. coreplus - online patient & practice management

    We believe you deserve to 'practice happy'.

    Improve client outcomes with smarter online software.

    Whilst we are known for our efforts & expertise on working towards eHealth-readiness for Australian Allied Health practices - we also have customers in New Zealand, UK and Canada.

    > Support, help & training
    • Phone support - Business Hours, AEST: 1300 66 89 88
    • Live chat with our team from inside coreplus
    • coreplus Help Centre
    • Email support
    • On-site & remote training - Quoted separately.

    > Software Features & Add Ons

    core features of coreplus cover what you'd expect:
    • calendars & appointments
    • SMS & email reminders
    • waiting lists
    • client files
    • case notes
    • billing & invoices
    • templates
    • reports
    • and more...

    plus a suite of add ons & integrations to save you time & effort:

    > Free, Untimed Trial
    • Fully featured.
    • Try all our add ons & integrations.
    • Limited to 20 clients, 20 appointments, 20 invoices.
    • Sign up for a trial.

    > Affordable pricing plans
    • All clerical users are FREE (eg, receptionists, accountants, office admins).
    • Practitioners from $5 per month (+GST, SMS & SMD usage).
    • Billed monthly.
    • Explore our plans.
  31. HJobling

    HJobling Member

    Just a quick update to our previous post.

    Tynedale Computers are launching PPMS Podiatry Online On 1st June 2016

    PPMS Online is a web version that will work on Windows, Apple Mac, iPads & Android tablets.

    For ?40 a month you will get one licence of PPMS Podiatry (the complete desktop version) along with three licences of PPMS Online.

    As usual telephone support and online training is included in this rental price.

    We also offer a two months? free trial with no obligations.

    For more information, to book a demo or register your interest please call 0191 3875230.

    Tynedale Computers have been producing podiatry software for Private Practitioners, Universities and the NHS for over 24yrs. We are a family business based in the North East of England.
  32. SubmitKit

    SubmitKit Member

    We used to use HealthKit in our clinic, and it functioned fine, but switched to Cliniko as it has better integration with other software. Cliniko has been alot easier to use
  33. Trish Mears

    Trish Mears Welcome New Poster

    HI – we’d like to let you know about Bp Allied – the software of choice for many allied health professionals in Australasia.
    Whether you’re a podiatrist, dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, chiropractor, speech pathologist, massage therapist or other allied health professional, you’ll appreciate Bp Allied’s affordability and functionality, which can help you save time and money in your busy Practice.
    You might be a sole practitioner, in a Practice that has multiple allied health professionals or in a larger Practice with multiple locations. Bp Allied has a Subscription to suit, including Desktop Subscriptions and Hosted Subscriptions. Talk to our friendly team about what will suit you best – now and into the future.
    Here are some of the features:
    · Appointment Book with Practitioner Scheduling and Appointment Reminders via SMS or EmailSimple and effective workflows, including customisable Client Notes.
    · Intuitive layouts with relevant patient information at a glance. A specific Podiatry Module tailored to capture client related information for your profession with a number of inbuilt Health tools. Patient Task Management – manage scheduling follow-ups, documentation requirements & more, to enhance patient careMedicare Online & DVA Claiming
    · Tyro Healthpoint & EFTPOS Integration
    · Xero & MYOB Integration
    · Integration with Argus, Referral Net and Medical Objects Secure Messaging providers.
    You can find out more here on the Best Practice Software website.
  34. HJobling

    HJobling Member

    Wow where has time gone?

    I’d like to share an update regarding our PPMS Podiatry, Private Practice Management System from Tynedale Computers.

    Importantly - our telephone number has changed in the last couple of years – It is now UK 0191 5294540

    Tynedale Computer Systems is a family run business based in the North East of England. We began back in 1992 and have been providing software for Healthcare practitioners for over 27 years. We work within the NHS, Schools of Podiatry and the Private Practice sector.

    PPMS Podiatry is our practice management software for private practitioners.
    We offer both local and hosted options.

    PPMS Podiatry Local -is installed and maintained on computers running Windows, at your own practice. The data is held locally, and you do not need an internet connection.

    PPMS Podiatry Hosted – is where we store the data for you, on secure servers based in the UK. The data is both encrypted in transit and all the patient identifiable data is permanently encrypted whilst at rest on our servers. All of our servers and client’s data are only accessible by Tynedale Computers authorised staff. Hosted data is automatically backed up every few minutes and backups are kept for 30 days, both onsite and at an offsite (UK) location.

    If you would like to arrange an online demo, feel free to call us 0191 5294540. There are no obligations. If you would like we can also arrange a two months’ free trial, to see if the software works for you.

    Do you have an old practice management system that contains your client list, but is no longer supported? Or are you considering changing systems but don’t want to enter all your patients again? Give us a call and ask about the possibility of transferring your data.


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