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Working in Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by Paul123, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Paul123

    Paul123 Welcome New Poster

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    Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone had any information about working as a Podiatrist/Podiatric Surgeon in Saudi Arabia? I would like to know if UK qualifications are transferable and what the rate of pay is like.
  2. Sarah7

    Sarah7 Welcome New Poster

    Hi Paul,
    I am a UK orthotist and have been working in Riyadh for the last 2 years. There is a real shortage of good footcare in KSA and plenty of scope for podiatry. We have one american podiatrist in our hospital who specialises in Diabetic care. He is the only foreign podiatrist i know of in KSA although i am sure there are others. I am about to go on holiday for a couple of weeks but when i return i can speak to him for you.
  3. Paul123

    Paul123 Welcome New Poster

    Hi Sarah,

    That would be great thank you. Would be good to get some first hand experience of a Podiatrist working in Saudi Arabia.

    Is most of the foot care diabetes related?

    Thanks again,

  4. Khalid Edrees

    Khalid Edrees Welcome New Poster

    Hi Paul:

    I am a Saudi podiatric surgeon, trained in the USA and working in Jeddah for the last 7 years, its been very rewarding. Only a few European and Australian trained podiatrists are working here and also doing well.

    I am looking for a podiatrist to join my practice, let me know if you are interested.

  5. Ahmed

    Ahmed Welcome New Poster

    Salaams Khalid

    My name is Ahmed from South Africa, I have been many times to Jeddah and Saudi arabia for Hajj and umrah, tell me more about podiatry in Saudi please? I am looking for an opprtunity there

  6. Ahmed

    Ahmed Welcome New Poster

    Hi Sarah

    I am a Podiatrist from South Africa, could you please help me out with regards to finding employment in the KSA reigon. I have about 3 years experience.

  7. royaldoctor

    royaldoctor Welcome New Poster

    I am director of podiatric Surgery unite in saudi please email me your CV if you intersting to working in saudi we looking to higher podiatrist
    my email royaldoctor@hotmail.com
  8. Richard Stess

    Richard Stess Member

    We are interested in distribution of our casting supplies to Saudi Arabia. We have been contacted by several companies but would appreciate your recommendation of a reputable supplier.
  9. NSheikh

    NSheikh Welcome New Poster


    I am a board certified podiatrist in the US interested in opportunities in Saudi.
    Please advise.

  10. podiatry2011

    podiatry2011 Welcome New Poster

    Hello All,
    I was wondering if there is any podiatrists from Jordan and/ or if any one know anything about the profession there, is there any one who is working as a podiatrist there and if there is any association for podiatrists, working conditions, salaries...etc
  11. CalC.A.Neal

    CalC.A.Neal Member


    I am a UK registered podiatrist working in Saudi Arabia. Currently working in the Eastern Province of KSA. I have been here six months and the majority of the work is diabetes related, wound care, charcot etc. If you are solely biomechanics then KSA is not the country for you right now, there are a few specialist units but culturally footwear is not accomodative of orthotic devices but in the future this may change. If you think like me and consider biomechanics the foundation of podiatry you will be able to use your skills off-loading and in complex charcot cases. I can give a more detailed explanation of day-to-day working if needed please contact.

    In terms of working here it depends on the institute which health care model they have adopted US, UK, Canada etc and that will usually determine the education of the staff(which countries they studied at) and the staff nationality make up. Podiatrists are very rare, very much appreciated and respected. I form part of a Surgery Department and work closely with all sub-departments working effectively and efficiently. I couldn't ask for a better working environment.

    In terms of KSA socially, it will not be the work that will test your resolve, it will be your expectations socially. If your happy with lounging by the pool, gym, shopping and coffee shops plus lots of spare time to study, read and watch movies you will be more than happy. If your expecting social gatherings, sports scene other than watching, outdoor living and cannot enjoy being bored then you are coming to the wrong country.

    In terms of the people some of the best I have met in the world. I'm Irish and we have a pretty good reputation but the Arab people are some of the most welcoming and friendly people you will ever meet. Finally, cultural sensitivity is a must but what you will find is that there is a mutual respect. Remember if you decide to emigrate you have chosen to abide by the rules of your adopted country, be respectful.

  12. fara05

    fara05 Welcome New Poster

    Hi mark,

    Are you still working in SA, if so do they need pods there currently as I would like to relocate.
    Plz let me know.



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