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Podiatrist Part-time or Full time - Hamilton

Discussion in 'Employment in New Zealand' started by Foot Queen, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Foot Queen

    Foot Queen Welcome New Poster

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    Podiatrist (Part-Time or Full time)
    Hillcrest Podiatry is a new practice located within the Hillcrest Healthcare Complex on the corner of Cambridge Road and Masters Avenue. We are looking for an enthusiastic and professional Podiatrist to join our small team in May 2020 by providing podiatry services to our growing client base, with excellent administration and clinical director support.
    The ideal candidate will be flexible and approachable, a team player and committed to ongoing education.
    New Grads and experienced Podiatrists are welcome to apply. You must be eligible to work in NZ.
    • provide high quality clinical podiatry
    • patient education
    • liaise with health professionals
    • fulfill reporting requirements
    Skills Required:
    • must have Annual Practicing Certificate and current Podiatrist Registration, with applicable tertiary qualification
    • must be open minded and multidisciplinary focused
    • current driver's license
    • exceptional written and oral communication skills
    • computer literate
    • strong organisational and time management skills
    • the ability to work on your own initiative
    • attention to detail
    • honesty and reliability
    • flexibility and adaptability to juggle a range of different tasks
    • resilience and able to work under pressure
    • discretion and an understanding of confidentiality issues
    • positive and enthusiastic approach to all aspects of the job
    • a committed approach towards Health & Safety
    • ability to research and seek advice when faced with difficult cases
    Preferred Experience:
    • confident with treatment plans for complex injuries and biomechanical issues
    • familiar with ACC orthotics contract specifications and prior approval requests
    • confident with orthotics modifications
    • 1-2 years minimum in a similar role
    What We’re Offering:
    • clientele: 43% ACC, 24% SGC Holders, 31% mix of Skin & Nail or BMX, and 2% Diabetes
    • work hours and employment arrangement - contractor or employee negotiable for the right person
    • great hourly rate reflective of applicant's experience and skill set
    • we have an excellent referral base and are frequently involved in managing complex injury and biomechanical cases working closely with other health professionals
    • an impressive new, snack packed Podiatry work room with the ability to do all the orthotics modifications your heart desires. With only 3 steps from the clinic room to the workbench you will be able to provide an excellent and efficient service to clients.
    How To Apply:
    Email your Cover Letter & CV to king.whitney@ icloud.com no later than Friday, 28th Feb, 2020.

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