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Podiatrist wanted for busy clinic in Aldershot, GU12, UK

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by feetykat, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. feetykat

    feetykat Welcome New Poster

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    Podiatrist wanted for very busy practice in Aldershot GU12
    Position is permanent but full time or part time considered

    Single chair practice and so experience of working alone but with secretarial support is ideal

    Self-employed and employed options considered
    Hours and days flexible at this stage, job share no problem. The clinic is open six days a week from early until late and so more than one Podiatrist is required to cover all the hours.
    Salary based on experience/skills
    Start date in March 2019
    The clinic is in a high street location with parking and has been recently refurbished.

    Skills, knowledge and qualification requirements
    · Experience in general foot care including nail cutting, reduction of calluses, removal of corns, fungal nails, Verrucas etc.
    · Completing patient/treatment notes and other related admin duties electronically (paperless clinic)
    · Cleaning of treatment room
    · HCPC registration
    · Enhanced DBS check
    · Minimum of 1 years experience in a both the NHS and private sectors
    · Insurance through COP
    · Organised and able to work at speed
    · Friendly, professional, enthusiastic and presentable, confidence is a key attribute
    · DBS certificate
    · Up to date and satisfactory record of CPD
    · Up to date CPR certificate
    · Honours degree in Podiatry or suitable equivalent

    Please reply to this thread to indicate your interest in the position/s, including your email address.

    Please include your employment/self employment preferences and your preferred hours and days of work.

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