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Podiatrists wanted in Beautiful New Zealand

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by Tanya Richter, May 10, 2022.

  1. Tanya Richter

    Tanya Richter Welcome New Poster

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    Do you ever wonder “what difference do I really make”?

    We do make a difference! At Foot Mechanics we exist to provide services and products to help our communities flourish and to provide the opportunity for meaningful employment. This difference we make is real and we do help our communities flourish. Flourishing to us looks like helping our patients connect with people, with the earth and with life.

    The need for connection with the wider world is greater than ever. Having our patients being able to do what they love and connecting with their favourite people and places is our goal. We know that every day we step into our clinics we are restoring joy.

    We have more than 23 clinics nation-wide in New Zealand. If you like variety in your work there are different clinics in the same region, so you can work at several different ones. You can expect to treat anything from musculoskeletal injuries, diabetic footcare to nail and skin conditions and perform nail surgeries. While you’re looking after our patients, we look after you with a package that is hard to beat.

    Foot Mechanics Support Office is situated in Tauranga in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, and for us, staying connected is vital. A terrific way we stay connected is by regular video calls. We encourage the sharing of ideas and collaboration across the whole team. We also value and love being together while we learn so we host our own annual conference, which we plan to make sure covers most of your CPD in one go.

    We have Podiatrists at all levels of their career and would love to hear from you at whatever stage you are currently at, student or experienced alike. With current openings in Whakatane, Napier and Taupo, opportunity is knocking!

    Express your interest in joining our team via this page or visit our Foot Mechanics website.

    To tick the final boxes, you will need the following :
    · Degree in Podiatry
    · Current Annual Practising Certificate
    · Valid driver’s license
    · Must have NZ residency or be eligible to obtain a valid NZ work visa
    · Must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19

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