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UK podiatrist with experience in high risk and diabetes

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Helen Purdy, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Helen Purdy

    Helen Purdy Member

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    I have been working as a Specialist Podiatrist in High Risk (Diabetes) in the NHS in the UK. I would like to emigrate to Oz with my immediate family. I am looking for full-time work in the areas of Margaret River WA, Sunshine Coast or Northern New South Wales.
    I have over 16 years experience working within the NHS in Northern Ireland. While the majority of my more recent work has been in High Risk, diabetes and rheumatoid. I have experience in updating policies, and procedures and improving service areas. I have experience in nail surgery, biomechanics and domicillary care.
    I am ANZPAC certified, I have completed IELTS and have an EOI E0006907726.
    I can provide my CV, ANZPAC, EOI and references as required.
    I would appreciate any suggestions from potential employers on how to improve my score or the opportunity to gain a visa for employment in Australia.
  2. Helen Purdy

    Helen Purdy Member

    Further to my above post. I am HCPC registered, and APHRA registration has been applied for. I am looking for an opportunity for employer sponsorship in the areas of Margaret River, WA. Sunshine Coast or Northern New South Wales.
  3. Helen Purdy

    Helen Purdy Member

    Hi there, I have just been nominated by NSW for a 190 visa. I am interested in positions in northern new south wales.
  4. Hi Helen,
    We have a Multi Disciplinary Allied Health Clinic in Alice Springs (the Center of Australia.)
    Wondering if you have been able to find a position in Australia as yet and if you would consider Alice Springs.
    I would love to chat with you.

    Kind regards
    Sharon Everett
    08 8953 5601 wk
    0428 463 991
  5. Helen Purdy

    Helen Purdy Member

    Hi Sharon
    Thank you for your email.
    I would be coming out with my family. We would consider anywhere that would be family friendly. If we were to look at moving we would need help with relocation. If you have an email address I can send my CV to you.
    Best regards Helen
  6. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for your response. Alice Spring is a great place for families .My husband and I brought our 3 children here 17 years ago and still love it. There is every sport available here for adults as well as children and lots of place nearby to explore and some a little further. My husband is from Norwich originally but loves the open clean air we have here. In actually fact we don't like the city life with the hustle and Bustle it has anymore.
    How many children do you have?
    I would love to look at your CV please send it to me :sharoneverett@thehealthcollective.com
    I love forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards
    Sharon Everett
  7. Trudi

    Trudi Member

    Hello Helen
    I have a position available.....just a bit north of Northern NSW. On the beautiful Gold Coast ( home to the Commonwealth Games 2018 ).
    If you are still looking for work please email your CV to robinapodiatry@gmail.com
    Trudi Powell Podiatrist.
  8. podonthego

    podonthego Member

    Hi Helen

    Did you find something


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