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The bunion correctors - do they work?

Do the bunion correctors work?


Not sure how I got to write about this one!

We have all seen those bunion correctors (like these) being widely touted in social media and other places as a way to cure bunions (which have turned up a lot for me in the last few days as I clicked on a link about them). This did prompt me to blog about one example that was really pathetic (see: Bunion corrector gullibility). Not sure what is worse, those who are gullible to believe that or the author who thinks people are that gullible to believe him!

It is interesting getting others opinions on the use of these bunion correctors and those views and opinions are quite mixed, especially in the context of the limited available evidence for them.

Podiatry Arena has had a few threads on them, reflecting that diversity of opinion:
Hallux Valgus Night Splints...
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Splinting, exercise and electrotherapy for hallux valgus

Do they work?
Depends what you mean by work? This study reports that yes they can help improve the hallux angle by a few degrees after a month of use. But that is all the evidence there is, so we have to go with that. Nothing on the long term use and nothing on if that improvement regresses after stopping their use and if it does, how quickly. So many questions!

My Opinion:
I like them for patients, not necessarily because the may improve the angle of the hallux, but because they help keep the joint mobile and that has to be a good thing. I also get the impression that this increased mobility does help with some of the symptoms if the pain is deep inside the joint.

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