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2 Podiatry Positions - Adelaide, South Australia

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Footgirl, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Footgirl

    Footgirl Welcome New Poster

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    Full Time & Part Time Podiatrist Position

    Looking for something a little bit different? This position would suit someone looking to walk in and walk out at the end of the day. No marketing to GP’s, No Home Visits, you can go home relax after a fun enjoyable day of looking after your clients.

    Come and join our fast growing Team of 5 Podiatrists.

    Excellent remuneration for 2 + years experience
    Graduates Welcome to Apply - clinical mentoring will be provided and a great environment to grow your skills.

    The MediPedi is a new Modern Podiatry concept blending expert podiatry services with onsite beauty services. Our focus is offering unparalleled service and quality with onsite qualified Podiatry expertise and the addition of trained beauty therapists for those who want the finishing touches. So many of our clients have not seen a Podiatrist before - such a wonderful opportunity to be part of promoting our profession.

    MediPedi co founders Georgina Jamieson and Tom Baker are both graduates from The University of South Australia and started Podiatry First in 2002, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. MediPedi opened its first concept store on King William Rd, Unley in 2015, opening a second location on The Parade, Norwood in 2017. Now both with 18 years experience their passion for foot health and their clients has not faded.
    Working closely with a receptionist and team of nail therapists, your responsibilities will include:
    30 min routine podiatry services in stand alone consults or as part of our signature service, The Medical Pedicure
    Mycotic Nail assessments and treatment plans utilizing the Lunula Laser System
    Ingrown Toenail Assessment and Removal
    Swift Microwave Technology
    Biomechanical Assessments + Orthotics
    Our Podiatry Practice is a fast paced and fun working environment in which you will need to show ownership of your role and responsibilities. We have high standards and expect you to be a passionate brand ambassador.
    We expect from you:
    Second to none attention to detail
    Excellent routine podiatry skills
    A great communicator
    You show initiative, take ownership of your tasks and have great time management skills
    You're able to keep your cool in a high pressure, fast-paced environment
    Most of all, you care about our customers and their happiness, and genuinely want to ensure they're having the kind of experience that makes their day.
    Wondering what MediPedi is all about - don't hesitate to contact me for just for a chat 0402 080 568 or
    We look forward to hearing from you -

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